• Youth and Society T
    Youth and Society T
    Required text HSRV 104 semester 1, 2021
    Required text SOWK 104 semester 1, 2021

    Youth and Society is the most accessible and comprehensive textbook on the sociology of youth. Now in its fourth edition, it has been significantly revised to reflect the latest research in an overview of key debates, research and theories of how young people fit into contemporary society. Led by an expert author team, the new edition provides a comprehensive overview of youth studies. Using both Australian and global examples, the book takes a holistic approach to the concept of youth and how they shape their lives. The new edition comprises four new chapters: Chapter 2: Ways of Knowing, Chapter 6: Place and Mobilities, Chapter 13: Networked Youth and Social Media and Chapter 14: Chemical Cultures. New pedagogical features including key terms and case studies assist students in their learning and engagement.

    Contents: Preface Acknowledgements Part 1: Theorising Youth 1: Young People and Social Change 2: Ways of Knowing Part 2: Social Divisions 3: Gender and Sexuality 4: Class, Inequality and Community Resources 5: Indigenous Youth and Indigeneity 6: Place and Mobilities Part 3: Social Institutions 7: Family and Belonging 8: Schooling Youth 9: Work in Precarious Economies 10: Juvenile Justice, Violence and Crime 11: Youth Policy and Active Citizenship Part 4: Social Identities 12: Youth Identities and Cultures 13: Networked Youth and Social Media 14: Chemical Cultures 15: Wellbeing and Risk 16: Constructing a Public Presence 17: Complex Lives Bibliography

    ISBN: 9780190305185
    Publication date: 09/06/2017
    Edition: 4
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    Author: White Et Al
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