• Hare and Ruru A Quiet Moment
    Hare and Ruru A Quiet Moment
    This is the story of Hare, who struggles with an un-named mental malady self described as 'noise'. Noise could be runaway thoughts, voices in Hare's head, or loud feelings and general anxiety. Hare goes on a journey to try and find a solution. Just when Hare thinks there's no hope a friend, Ruru, flies calmly down and gives a suggestion.
    Hare ultimately feels better after doing three things:
    * Talking to someone
    * Focusing on breathing
    * Connecting to nature
    This gentle story is for anybody who suffers from noises, anxiety or loud feelings

    ISBN: 9780995118058
    Publication date: 09/10/2020
    Price: $30.00
    Author: Shallcrass, Laura
    Format: Hardback
    Price: $30.00
  • Hiakai Modern Maori Cuisine
    Hiakai Modern Maori Cuisine
    Winner Ockham 2021 Booksellers Aotearoa New Zealand Award for Illustrated Non-Fiction

    Monique Fiso is a modern-day food warrior, taking Maori cuisine to the world.

    After years overseas in Michelin-star restaurants, Monique returned to Aotearoa to begin Hiakai, an innovative pop-up venture that's now a revered, award-winning restaurant in Wellington.

    Monique has also gone on to feature on Netflix's 'The Final Table', alongside 19 other international chefs, with Hiakai being lauded by the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, National Geographic, Forbes and TIME magazine, which named Hiakai in 2019 as one of the '100 Greatest Places' in the world.

    This book is just as unforgettable- ranging between history, tradition and tikanga, as well as Monique's personal journey of self-discovery, it tells the story of kai Maori, provides foraging and usage notes, an illustrated ingredient directory, and over 30 breath-taking recipes that give this ancient knowledge new life.

    Hiakai offers up food to behold, to savour, to celebrate.

    ISBN: 9780143772606
    Publication date: 01/09/2020
    Price: $65.00
    Author: Fiso, Monique
    Format: Hardback
    Price: $65.00
  • Hollowpox The Hunt for Morrigan Crow
    Hollowpox The Hunt for Morrigan Crow
    Morrigan Crow and her friends have survived their first year as proud scholars of the elite Wundrous Society, helped bring down the nefarious Ghastly Market, and proven themselves loyal to Unit 919. Now Morrigan faces a new, exciting challenge: to master the mysterious Wretched Arts of the Accomplished Wundersmith, and control the power that threatens to consume her.

    But a strange and frightening illness has taken hold of Nevermoor, turning infected Wunimals into mindless, vicious unnimals on the hunt. As victims of the Hollowpox multiply, panic spreads. And with the city she loves in a state of fear, Morrigan quickly realises it's up to her to find a cure for the Hollowpox, even if it will put her - and everyone in Nevermoor - in more danger than she ever imagined.

    Praise for Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow:

    Winner Dymocks Book of the Year 2018

    Winner QBD Children's Book of the Year 2018

    Winner Book of the Year, Australian Book Industry Awards 2018

    Winner Book of the Year for Younger Children, Australian Book Industry

    Awards 2018

    Winner The Matt Richell Award for New Writer of the Year, Australian

    Book Industry Awards 2018

    Winner Book of the Year, Indie Book Awards 2018

    Winner Children's Category, Indie Book Awards 2018

    Winner Nielsen Booksellers' Choice Award, Australian Booksellers Association Awards 2018

    Winner Best Children's Fiction, Aurealis Awards 2017

    Winner Younger Fiction, Waterstones Children's Book Prize (UK) 2018

    Winner Elementary/Middle Grade Speculative Fiction, Cybils Award 2018

    Shortlisted The Readings Children's Book Prize 2018

    A CBCA Notable book

    Voted #1 in the Dymocks Kids' Top 51

    'Enter the world of Nevermoor and its fantastical inhabitants, and be utterly enchanted' - Courier-Mail

    'Exciting, mysterious, marvellous and magical . . . quite simply one of the best children's books I've read in years.' - Robin Stevens, author of Murder Most Unladylike

    'Unexpected, exciting and funny. Like Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter and Doctor Who swirled up together.' - Judith Rossell, ABIA Award-winning author of Withering-by-Sea

    'It really is brilliant, with an engaging plot, plenty of twists, memorable characters and a marvellous sense of humour. Pick it up and the hours disappear, just like magic.' - Daily Telegraph

    ISBN: 9780734418241
    Publication date: 04/02/2020
    Price: $19.99
    Author: Townsend, Jessica
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $19.99
  • Home Body
    Home Body
    rupi kaur constantly embraces growth, and in home body, she walks readers through a reflective and intimate journey visiting the past, the present, and the potential of the self. home body is a collection of raw, honest conversations with oneself - reminding readers to fill up on love, acceptance, community, family, and embrace change. illustrated by the author, themes of nature and nurture, light and dark, rest here.

    i dive into the well of my body
    and end up in another world
    everything i need
    already exists in me
    there's no need
    to look anywhere else

    - home

    ISBN: 9781760858629
    Publication date: 18/11/2020
    Price: $28.99
    Author: Kaur, Rupi
    Price: $28.99
  • Home Stretch
    Home Stretch
    Shame and longing can flow through generations, but the secrets of the heart will not be buried for ever.

    It is 1987 and a small Irish community is preparing for a wedding. The day before the ceremony a group of young friends, including bride and groom, drive out to the beach. There is an accident. Three survive, but three are killed.

    The live of the families are shattered and the rifts between them are felt throughout the small town. Connor is one of the survivors. But staying among the angry and the mourning is almost as hard as living with the shame of having been the driver. He leaves the only place he knows for another life, taking his secrets with him. Travelling first to Liverpool, then London, he makes a home - of sorts - for himself in New York. The city provides shelter and possibility for the displaced, somewhere Connor can forget his past and forge a new life.

    But the secrets, the unspoken longings and regrets that have come to haunt those left behind will not be silenced. And before long, Connor will have to confront his past.

    Graham Norton's powerful and timely novel of emigration and return demonstrates his keen understanding of the power of stigma and secrecy - with devastating results.

    ISBN: 9781473665170
    Publication date: 29/09/2020
    Price: $37.99
    Author: Norton, Graham
    Format: Trade Paperback
    Price: $37.99
  • How to be Happy Though Human: New and Selected Poems
    How to be Happy Though Human: New and Selected Poems
    A timely collection of new and previously published work by one of Aotearoa's most acclaimed poets, How to Be Happy Though Human is Kate Camp's superb seventh book of poetry. It is published simultaneously in Canada and the United States by House of Anansi Press.

    Kate Camp's poetry has been described by critics as 'fearless', 'wry, sympathetic, affable, deadpan', and 'containing a surprising radicalism and power'. Incorporating new, previously unpublished work and a selection of important poems from her six earlier collections, How to Be Happy Though Human represents a new chapter in her career.

    Camp's debut collection, Unfamiliar Legends of the Stars, won the NZSA Jessie Mackay Best First Book Award for Poetry on publication over twenty years ago. Subsequent books confirmed Camp as a leading voice of her generation: widely anthologised, studied, and cited as an influence by emerging poets. Her work is recognised for its wide-ranging and eclectic subject matter, its technical control and its musicality, with pop culture, high culture, the domestic confessional, close observation and found language featured as recurring elements. Her fourth collection, The Mirror of Simple Annihilated Souls - which shares a title with Belgian mystic Marguerite Porete's 1310 collection, a book that caused is author to be burned at the stake - won the poetry award at the New Zealand Post Book Awards in 2011 and marked a turn in her work towards darker and more philosophical subject matter.

    'When I yell at North Americans about how we, too, should be reading the living poets of Aotearoa/New Zealand, Kate Camp is one of the poets I have in mind. She's one of the poets, too, who's so amazing because she doesn't yell: she's patient with the world and with its seagulls, attentive to the injustice and the kindness and the frustration we can share with one another, if we're lucky, anyway. What if Elizabeth Bishop had more friends, and more encouragement early on? What if "sports fields built on rubbish dumps" became safe places to play? What if, in an exquisite pun, we could see "cranes like cranes"? Here are the land and the sea, the children and the grownups too, both as they are and as we wish they could be: here is "the so-called outside world", and here is its wonderfully sensitive, fluently understated poet, "absolutely fluent . . . yet somewhat on fire". -Stephanie Burt

    ISBN: 9781776564064
    Publication date: 13/08/2020
    Price: $30.00
    Author: Camp, Kate
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Humans
    Brandon Stanton's Humans is a book that connects readers as global citizens at a time when erecting more borders is the order of the day. It shows us the entire world, one story at a time . . .

    Brandon Stanton's Humans - his most moving and compelling book to date - shows us the world. After five years of traveling the globe, the creator of Humans of New York brings people from all parts of the world into a conversation with readers. He ignores borders, chronicles lives and shows us the faces of the world as he saw them. His travels took him from London, Paris and Rome to Iraq, Dubai, Ukraine, Pakistan, Jordan, Uganda, Vietnam, Israel and every other place in between. His interviews go deeper than before. His chronicling of peoples' lives shows the experience of a writer who has traveled widely and thought deeply about the state of our world.

    Including hundreds of photos and stories of the people he met and talked with in over forty countries, Humans is classic Brandon Stanton - a fully color illustrated book that includes many photos and stories never seen before. For the first time for a HONY title, Humans will contain several of the essays Brandon's posted online which have been read, loved and enthusiastically shared by his followers.

    ISBN: 9781509851744
    Publication date: 06/10/2020
    Price: $49.99
    Author: Stanton, Brandon
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $49.99
  • I Am the Universe
    I Am the Universe
    From glittering galaxies to busy city streets, this stunning picture book takes you on a tour around the Universe.

    I am the Universe,
    an infinite space
    of glittering galaxies.

    It's a starlit journey through space that will lead you to a wonderful planet brimming with all kinds of life - including yours.

    This stunning story demonstrating the scale of the Universe and our place in it was created specially for children aged three years and up by the award-winning author-illustrator Vasanti Unka, who lives in Auckland, New Zealand, the Earth, the Solar System, the Galaxy, the Milky Way, the Universe.

    ISBN: 9780143773443
    Publication date: 01/09/2020
    Price: $20.00
    Author: Unka, Vasanti
    Format: Hardback
    Price: $20.00
  • Ickabog
    The Ickabog is coming... A mythical monster, a kingdom in peril, an adventure that will test two children's bravery to the limit. Discover a brilliantly original fairy tale about the power of hope and friendship to triumph against all odds, from one of the world's best storytellers.

    The kingdom of Cornucopia was once the happiest in the world. It had plenty of gold, a king with the finest moustaches you could possibly imagine, and butchers, bakers and cheesemongers whose exquisite foods made a person dance with delight when they ate them.

    Everything was perfect - except for the misty Marshlands to the north which, according to legend, were home to the monstrous Ickabog. Anyone sensible knew that the Ickabog was just a myth, to scare children into behaving. But the funny thing about myths is that sometimes they take on a life of their own.

    Could a myth unseat a beloved king? Could a myth bring a once happy country to its knees? Could a myth thrust two children into an adventure they didn't ask for and never expected?

    If you're feeling brave, step into the pages of this book to find out...

    A beautiful hardback edition, perfect for sharing and gift-giving. Brought to life with full-colour illustrations by the young winners of The Ickabog Illustration Competition.

    ISBN: 9781510202252
    Publication date: 10/11/2020
    Price: $44.99
    Author: Rowling, J.K.
    Format: Hardback
    Price: $44.99
  • Impossible My Story
    Impossible My Story
    An extraordinary memoir about family, love, belief, redemption and the power of forgiveness

    Stan Walker is one of the finest singers to emerge from Australia and New Zealand Aotearoa in a generation. When Stan won Australian Idol in 2009, he was thrown head-first into the deep end of the music industry. What followed were some of the highest highs, and the lowest of lows. Few knew about the darkness in Stan's past - the violent upbringing, the sexual abuse and the struggle to be more than just a survivor.

    Impossible is a personal reflection on life growing up in a family where love and violence were horribly entwined. It's a story about forgiveness and a journey to redemption. It's a tale of a young Maori boy from Tauranga finding his place on the world stage while never forgetting who he is and where he came from.

    Stan's is a story of survival against impossible odds. Abuse and addiction, hardship and excess, cancer and discrimination - Stan tells it all with startling honesty and insight, and with a wonderful sense of warmth and hope. It's an important and un-putdownable read.

    ISBN: 9781775541479
    Publication date: 07/10/2020
    Price: $39.99
    Author: Walker, Stan
    Format: Trade Paperback
    Price: $39.99
  • In Praise of Veg: a Modern Kitchen Companion
    In Praise of Veg: a Modern Kitchen Companion
    For fans of Samin Nosrat, Anna Jones and Stephanie Alexander, the ultimate veg guide for food lovers

    'Alice Zaslavsky is a force of nature!' Nigella Lawson

    The definitive guide to making vegetables the centre of the plate.

    In this comprehensive and fully illustrated kitchen companion, food writer and presenter Alice Zaslavsky profiles 50 favourite vegetable varieties, offering 150+ recipes reflective of both tradition and modernity, just as all good cooking should be. Uniquely organised by colour and filled with countless tips on flavour combinations, rule-of-thumb buying/storing/cooking methods, shortcuts, and veg wisdom from over 50 of the world's top chefs, In Praise of Veg will help beginners and avid cooks alike turn a bag of yawns or a produce-box surprise into a knock-out meal.

    For the vegetarian or just veg-forward, In Praise of Veg is the most ambitious and comprehensive reference on the topic, as well as the delicious answer to the age-old question: what are we eating?

    ISBN: 9781760525729
    Publication date: 03/11/2020
    Price: $70.00
    Author: Zaslavsky, Alice
    Format: Hardback
    Price: $70.00
  • Islands of Mercy
    Islands of Mercy
    She was 'The Angel of the Baths', the one woman whose touch everybody yearned for. Yet she would do more. She was certain of that.

    In the city of Bath, in the year 1865, an extraordinary young woman renowned for her nursing skills is convinced that some other destiny will one day show itself to her. But when she finds herself torn between a dangerous affair with a female lover and the promise of a conventional marriage to an apparently respectable doctor, her desires begin to lead her towards a future she had never imagined.

    Meanwhile, on the wild island of Borneo, an eccentric British 'rajah', Sir Ralph Savage, overflowing with philanthropy but compromised by his passions, sees his schemes relentlessly undermined by his own fragility, by man's innate greed and by the invasive power of the forest itself.

    Jane's quest for an altered life and Sir Ralph's endeavours become locked together as the story journeys across the globe - from the confines of an English tearoom to the rainforests of a tropical island via the slums of Dublin and the transgressive fancy-dress boutiques of Paris.

    Islands of Mercy is a novel that ignites the senses, and is a bold exploration of the human urge to seek places of sanctuary in a pitiless world.

    ISBN: 9781784743321
    Publication date: 15/09/2020
    Price: $37.00
    Author: Tremain, Rose
    Format: Trade Paperback
    Price: $37.00
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