• 24 Hours on the Kiwi Seashore

    24 Hours on the Kiwi Seashore
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    When the sun rises on the seashore, all manner of creatures emerge from their slumber to see the breaking dawn . . .
    Discover the busy ecosystem of our country's seashore over a 24-hour cycle. Observe the seals and yellow-eyed penguins who come ashore to sleep; dive beneath the waves to frolic with the bottlenose dolphins and jellyfish.
    Let Gillian and Darryl Torckler guide you on an immersive journey into the intimate world of our seashore life, featuring fascinating facts and stunning photography.

    ISBN: 9781988538389
    Publication date: 09/11/2020
    Price: $19.99
    Author: Torckler, Gillian
    Format: Paperback
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