• Egg and Spoon An Illustrated Cookbook 2020
    Egg and Spoon An Illustrated Cookbook 2020
    A beautiful illustrated cookbook for children--and their families--that celebrates imagination and pleasure in cooking

    A fun and modern cookbook for families packed with recipes for meals, snacks, treats, and a whole lot of humour.

    Alexandra Tylee's lively inner ten-year-old knows exactly what food appeals to children and how to talk to kids about food. She trusts them to choose flavours and handle equipment in this joyful book that will set them on a lifetime love of healthy cooking and eating.

    Giselle Clarkson's illustrations are salivatingly delicious and subversively playful.

    ISBN: 9781776572984
    Publication date: 07/10/2020
    Price: $39.99
    Author: Tylee, Alexandra
    Format: Hardback
    Price: $39.99
  • Mophead Tu The Queens Poem
    Mophead Tu The Queens Poem
    In her bestselling Mophead, poet laureate and fast talking PI Selina Tusitala Marsh recounted her experience growing up Pasifika in Aotearoa and realising how her (and your) difference can make a difference.

    In Mophead Tu, Selina is crowned Commonwealth Poet and invited to perform for the Queen in Westminster Abbey. But when someone at work calls her a 'sellout', Selina starts doubting herself. Can she stand with her people who struggled against the Queen . . . and serve the Queen?

    From the sinking islands in the south seas to the smoggy streets of London, Mophead Tu: The Queen's Poem is a hilariously thought-provoking take on colonial histories and one poet's journey to bridge the divide.

    Selina has to work out where she stands and how to be true to herself. She has to build a bridge from her sinking islands in the south seas to the smoggy streets of London. And she has to write a poem. None of it is easy. All of it is hilarious and moving.

    Featuring Megan and Harry, piglets and climate change, Mophead Tu: The Queen's Poem is colonialism 101 for kids. It will make you laugh and make you think.

    ISBN: 9781869409449
    Publication date: 12/11/2020
    Price: $24.99
    Author: Marsh, Selina Tusitala
    Format: Hardback
    Price: $24.99
  • New Zealand Disasters Our Response Resilience and Recovery
    New Zealand Disasters Our Response Resilience and Recovery
    Inspiring stories of courage, resilience and determination in the face of disaster. New Zealanders have endured phenomenal natural and human disasters throughout the ages. This inspiring book documents some of these key moments in our history and, more importantly, how we responded and grew stronger; what changes/improvements were made as a result. Cyclones, tornadoes, earthquakes, landslides, floods, volcanic eruptions, fires, plane crashes, pandemics and other disasters are just some of the many themes covered in this comprehensive, vibrantly illustrated account.

    Includes: Outcomes, Safety Tips, and What to Do in an Emergency.

    ISBN: 9781775436218
    Publication date: 01/02/2021
    Price: $29.99
    Author: Gill, Maria
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $29.99
  • North and South A Tale of Two Hemispheres
    North and South A Tale of Two Hemispheres
    A beautiful non-fiction picture book about animals around the world.

    This nonfiction picture book takes readers around the world through the months of the year, looking at seasons in both the northern and southern hemisphere. It focuses on a species in each hemisphere for that month, e.g. March in the northern hemisphere is polar bear cubs in the Canadian Arctic and also saltwater crocodiles in Australia. There will be a range of countries, habitats, species and animal activities. Potential for more in-depth facts at the end of the book for older readers.

    ISBN: 9781925381801
    Publication date: 03/02/2021
    Price: $29.99
    Author: Morris, Sandra
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $29.99