• Doing Our Bit Campaign to Double the Refugee Quota

    Doing Our Bit Campaign to Double the Refugee Quota
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    "While I've spent enough time in universities to understand the meaning of various freedoms, I've also spent enough time in the world to see the opposite of freedom: persecution, detention, and the slow drag of less obvious oppressions." In 2013, Murdoch Stephens began a campaign to double New Zealand's refugee quota. Inspired by his time living in Aleppo, Syria, over the next five years he built the campaign into a mainstream national movement - one that contributed to the first growth in New Zealand's refugee quota in thirty years. Doing Our Bit is an insider's account of political campaigning in New Zealand. This BWB Text is essential reading for anyone interested in grassroots campaigning or how political change happens in New Zealand.

    ISBN: 9781988545233
    Publication date: 02/07/2018
    Price: $14.99
    Author: Stephens, Murdoch
    Format: Paperback
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