• Communist in the Family: Searching for Rewi Alley
    Communist in the Family: Searching for Rewi Alley
    A Communist in the Family: Searching for Rewi Alley is a beautifully written multi-layered narrative centred on New Zealander Rewi Alley and his part in the momentous political events of mid-twentieth-century China. Part-biography, part-travel journal, part-literary commentary, A Communist in the Family brings together Alleys story and that of his author cousin, Elspeth Sandys. In 2017, Sandys travelled to China with other family members to mark the ninetieth anniversary of Rewis arrival in Shanghai in 1927. One strand of this book follows that journey and charts Sandys impressions of modern China. Another tells the story of Rewis early life, in an insightful meditation on the complex and always elusive relationship between memory and writing. By placing the man, Rewi, and his work in the context of his time, Sandys is able to illuminate the life of this extraordinary New Zealander in a way that is both historically vivid and relevant to the world of today. Her focus on the role poetry played in his life both his own and that of the Chinese poets he translated so prolifically provides moving glimpses of the man behind the myth. Threaded through A Communist in the Family are Sandys evolving insights into a nation that looms ever larger in the day-to-day realities of New Zealand and the world. The strange and strangely intimate link between the two countries Rewi regarded as home is one in which he played, and continues to play, a crucial role.

    ISBN: 9781988531601
    Publication date: 01/07/2019
    Price: $40.00
    Author: Sandys, Elspeth
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • Continent on the Move New Zealand Geoscience Revealed
    Continent on the Move New Zealand Geoscience Revealed
    This award-winning book explores the dynamic worlds of New Zealand and the submerged realm of Zealandia, their natural geological wonders, bounties and dangers. In acknowledging the achievements of New Zealand's geoscientists, from the founding of the country through to the present day, the book shows how geoscientific research can promise a safer and more comfortable existence for all. Written in a relatively non-technical but scientifically literate style, the book contains more than 700 stunning photographs and images that allow readers of all backgrounds to readily grasp the scientific concepts and issues relating to New Zealand's geological history and resulting landforms. On a different level, the book provides a fascinating insight into the changing landscape on and surrounding the islands of New Zealand through the eyes of geoscientists. Retaining the key ingredients of the first edition and updated throughout with respect to recent scientific advances, this Second Edition contains new articles and references to the devastating 2010-11 Canterbury earthquakes and recent volcanic eruptions.
    As well, there are new sections on the topical subjects of mine safety, fracking, deep-sea exploration and drilling, ocean warming, responding to climate change, designing safer foundations, megathrust earthquakes, frontier minerals, and slow landslides.

    ISBN: 9781877480478
    Publication date: 14/11/2015
    Edition: 2nd
    Price: $44.99
    Author: Graham, Ian J
    Format: Hard Back
    Price: $44.99
  • Eagle's Complete Trees and Shrubs of New Zealand
    Eagle's Complete Trees and Shrubs of New Zealand
    The first volumes of Eagle's Trees and Shrubs of NZ were published in New Zealand in 1975 to universal acclaim, and quickly became classic references for New Zealand botanists and plant-lovers. This long-awaited new edition brings Audrey Eagle's botanical artworks together for the first time in over 40 years, depicting every native tree and shrub. The books are full of new paintings, including 173 new species and subspecies, and bringing the total number of plants illustrated to more than 800. All plants are all depicted at life-size and include many detailed enlargements, showing all aspects of the twigs, flowers, fruit, nuts and flowers of each plant in technically superb detail. Comprehensive notes, drafted in consultation with expert botanists from around New Zealand, provide up-to-date botanical and identification information on every plant, including descriptions and notes on habitat, distribution, synonymy and nomenclature. An outstanding contribution to the study of botany in New Zealand and an essential addition to any library.

    ISBN: 9780909010089
    Publication date: 01/11/2006
    Price: $250.00
    Author: Eagle, Audrey
    Format: Hard Back
    Price: $250.00
  • Field Guide to New Zealand Geology
    Field Guide to New Zealand Geology
    This is the first field guide written for the general public and beginners in geology in New Zealand. Now fully revised and updated, it shows travellers in New Zealand something of the tremendous variety of our rocks, minerals and fossils and describes what to look for in many areas where rock formations are prominent. It covers the history of New Zealand from its beginnings on the sea floor some 600 million years ago to its present patchwork landscape of volcano, range and plain. This land was formed from many different layers of rock - volcanic flows, forest debris, ocean mud. All these have special characteristics, which are explained and illustrated to enable readers to find the layers and understand their origins and what they can tell us about the landscapes of the past. The crystals that grew in the rocks and the remains of living creatures that were preserved are also illustrated and described. Written in simplified terms, it includes an introductory chapter on general geology, A geological time chart and quick reference maps of the North Island and the South Island for travellers.

    ISBN: 9780143202592
    Publication date: 29/05/2009
    Price: $50.00
    Author: Thornton, Jocelyn
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $50.00
  • Field Guide to New Zealand's Native Trees
    Field Guide to New Zealand's Native Trees
    If the monumental New Zealand's Native Trees has inspired you to venture into the outdoors to look more closely at our unique tree flora, this field guide is the perfect companion to take along. Compact enough to fit in a day-pack, it contains detailed information on all native trees found on the main islands of New Zealand, including Stewart Island and the Chathams. Field Guide to New Zealand's Native Trees is organised in three main sections - conifers, tree ferns and flowering trees - and covers 209 species. A visual key to leaf shapes will help to narrow down the identification of the numerous flowering trees. Under each species, headings such as Distribution & Habitat, Size, Bark, Foliage & Habit, Flowers & Fruit lead readers straight to relevant information, and a panel of Distinguishing Features is a useful aid to quick identification. More than1500 superb photographs show the whole tree and its key features, some in very close detail. The most comprehensive and up-to-date field guide to New Zealand's native trees, this handy and beautiful reference book deserves a place in every home, bach, library and school.

    ISBN: 9781877517822
    Publication date: 01/11/2012
    Price: $49.99
    Author: Dawson, John
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $49.99
  • Field Guide to the Birds of New Zealand
    Field Guide to the Birds of New Zealand
    The Field Guide to the Birds of New Zealand is the modern classic of the genre - the tried and trusted reference for lovers of New Zealand birds. Comprehensive, reliable and easy to use, this fourth revised edition features: * 374 species, including 35 new additions - the book's biggest revision since first publication * 85 stunning colour paintings of New Zealand birds, including rare and recently extinct species * an introduction to key bird-watching sites * distribution maps and an in-depth guide to field identification * an additional handbook section that includes information on the distribution, habitat, population, conservation, breeding, behaviour and feeding habits of each species The only field guide to New Zealand birds officially endorsed by the Ornithological Society of New Zealand, this is the most authoritative reference available - a wonderful celebration of our extraordinary and diverse birdlife.

    ISBN: 9780143570929
    Publication date: 22/04/2015
    Price: $55.00
    Author: Barrie, Heather
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $55.00
  • Field Guide to the Native Edible Plants of New Zealand
    Field Guide to the Native Edible Plants of New Zealand
    A practical field guide to New Zealand's native edible plants. Over 190 trees, shrubs, herbs, ferns, mushrooms, lichens and seaweeds are described in detail in this useful and attractive book, with information on which part is edible and when, how plants have been utilised, particularly by Maori, their nutritional value, and where they can be found. In a separate section, Andrew Crowe also describes important poisonous plants that are native to New Zealand or are likely to be confused with the edible plants. Illustrated with line drawings and colour photographs, this informative book will be of interest to trampers, botanists and all who appreciate New Zealand's native flora.

    ISBN: 9780143019220
    Publication date: 04/05/2004
    Price: $32.00
    Author: Crowe, Andrew
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $32.00
  • Fifteen Million Years of Antarctica
    Fifteen Million Years of Antarctica
    Rebecca Priestley longs to be in Antarctica. But it is also the last place on Earth she wants to go.

    In 2011 Priestley visits the wide white continent for the first time, on a trip that coincides with the centenary of Robert Falcon Scott’s fateful trek to the South Pole. For Priestley, 2011 is the fulfilment of a dream that took root in a childhood full of books, art and science and grew stronger during her time as a geology student in the 1980s. She is to travel south twice more, spending time with Antarctic scientists – including paleo-climatologists, biologists, geologists, glaciologists – exploring the landscape, marvelling at wildlife from orca to tardigrades, and occasionally getting very cold.

    A constant companion for Priestley is her anxiety – both the kind that is brought on by flying to the bottom of the world in a military aeroplane; and the kind that clouds our thoughts of how our world will be for our children. Writing against the backdrop of Trump’s America, extreme weather events, and scientists’ projections for Earth’s climate, she grapples with the truths we need to tell ourselves as we stand on a tightrope between hope for the planet, and catastrophic change.

    ISBN: 9781776562244
    Publication date: 12/09/2019
    Price: $40.00
    Author: Priestley, Rebecca
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • From Gondwana to the Ice Age The Geology of New Zealand Over the Last 100 Million Years: 2020
    From Gondwana to the Ice Age The Geology of New Zealand Over the Last 100 Million Years: 2020
    Until about 100 million years ago, New Zealand lay on the Pacific-facing edge of the ancient supercontinent of Gondwana; the formation of our sedimentary rocks provides a fascinating view of the tectonic activity and changes since that time. This volume is the culmination of a comprehensive survey of New Zealand's Cretaceous-Cenozoic strata, begun in 1978, and presents an up-to-date synthesis and interpretation of regional sedimentary information from a variety of sources; the study has been expanded to include large areas of the continental shelf and beyond. Extensive references and indexing complete this essential work, a key resource for students, professional geologists and enthusiastic amateurs.

    Topics covered include:
    * sedimentary basins during the Cretaceous continental margin break-up;
    * the active tectonics of a 'passive margin';
    * Late Cenozoic sedimentary basins in a new, evolving plate boundary;
    * eustatic sea-level change in an active tectonic setting;
    * basin scale and facies change on the new and thin continent Zealandia.

    ISBN: 9781927145999
    Publication date: 31/07/2020
    Price: $89.99
    Author: Laird, Malcolm
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $89.99
  • From Weta to Kauri A Guide to the New Zealand Forest
    From Weta to Kauri A Guide to the New Zealand Forest
    There are many guides to trees, birds and insects but nothing that puts them all together in one handy book that can be put in a backpack and taken into the bush. Including full-colour photographs, it looks at the bush in layers, starting at the forest floor, concentrating on things you can see easily, and moving up to the forest canopy. There is detailed information on each individual tree or plant or insect or bird, with excellent material on how to identify them.

    ISBN: 9781869416553
    Price: $30.00
    Author: Hunt, Janet Lucas, Rob
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Ghosts of Gondwana
    Ghosts of Gondwana
    Have you ever wondered why New Zealand's plants and animals are so different from those in other countries? Why kakapo is the only parrot in the world that cannot fly, or why the kiwi lives here and nowhere else? New Zealand is an extraordinary place, unique on earth, and the remarkable story of how and why life evolved here is the subject of Ghosts of Gondwana. The challenge of explaining New Zealand's natural origins is picked up in this fully revised edition of the popular award-winning book. It presents the latest scientific research in highly readable form, highlighting studies that reveal the deep historical background of our landscapes, fauna and flora - from ancient frogs and moa to delicate insects and the magnificent southern beech forests. It introduces the latest discoveries and resolves past issues like the 'Oligocene drowning' hypothesis.
    Exciting fossil discoveries are revealed and new scientific technologies and approaches to the discipline of historical biogeography are discussed - approaches that range from undersea geology to molecular clocks - and it inevitably draws attention to the debates and conflicts that distinguish different schools of opinion in this holistic branch of theoretical science. This revision incorporates the results of 10 years of intensive scientific research and includes four entirely new chapters to: focus on 'yesterday's maps' to draw attention to the ephemeral islands in our history that have possibly acted as stepping stones for terrestrial animals and plants but today have sunk into the sea; incorporate the author's own special interest in an ancient group of 'jaw-moths', unknown and unnoticed by most people but with a strong message that New Zealand is part of the world when it comes to explaining where our fauna have come from; present recent research findings on our huge flightless birds, the ratites; and include New Zealand's terrestrial molluscs into the story.
    Ghosts of Gondwana identifies New Zealand as one of the most challenging places on earth to explain, but it's readable, engaging style and revised illustrations render this often-controversial discipline of science into a format that is accessible to any reader with an interest in natural history and the unique environment of New Zealand.

    ISBN: 9780947503086
    Publication date: 24/10/2016
    Edition: 2
    Price: $59.99
    Author: Gibbs, George
    Format: Hard Back
    Price: $59.99
  • Handbook of New Zealand Mammals
    Handbook of New Zealand Mammals
    The Handbook of New Zealand Mammals is the only definitive reference on all the land-breeding mammals recorded in the New Zealand region (including the New Zealand sector of Antarctica). It lists 65 species, including native and exotic, wild and feral, living and extinct, residents, vagrants and failed introductions. It describes their history, biology and ecology, and brings together comprehensive and detailed information gathered from widely scattered or previously unpublished sources.

    The description of each species is arranged under standardised headings for easy reference. Because the only native land-breeding mammals in New Zealand are bats and seals, the great majority of the modern mammal fauna comprises introduced species, whose arrival has had profound effects both for themselves and for the native fauna and flora. The book details changes in numbers and distribution for the native species, and for the arrivals it summarises changes in habitat, diet, numbers and size in comparison with their ancestral stocks, and some of the problems they present to resource managers.

    For this third edition, the text and references have been completely updated and reorganised into Family chapters. The colour section includes 14 pages of artwork showing all the species described and their main variations, plus two pages of maps.

    ISBN: 9781486306282
    Publication date: 20/01/2021
    Edition: NE
    Price: $190.00
    Author: King, Carolyn M
    Format: Hard Back
    Price: $190.00
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