• Aotearoa
    Over a thousand years ago, the wind, sea currents and stars brought people to the islands that became known as Aotearoa, the land of the long white cloud. Navigate your way through this sumptuously illustrated story of New Zealand. Explore the defining moments of our history, captured by celebrated children's book creator Gavin Bishop, from the Big Bang right through to what might happen tomorrow. Discover Maori legends, layers of meaning and lesser-known facts. A truly special book, Aotearoa- The New Zealand Story deserves a space on every bookshelf, to be taken off and pored over, thumbed and treasured, time and again.

    ISBN: 9780143770350
    Publication date: 02/10/2017
    Price: $40.00
    Author: Bishop, Gavin
    Format: Hardback
    Price: $40.00
  • Art of Protest What a Revolution Looks Like
    Art of Protest What a Revolution Looks Like
    "Start making. Start being the change you want to see in this world." 2De Nichols

    From the psychedelic typography used in 'Make Love Not War' posters of the 60s, to the solitary raised fist, take a long, hard look at some of the most memorable and striking protest artwork from across the world and throughout history. With an emphasis on design2, analyse each artwork to understand how colour, symbolism, technique, typography and much more play an important role in communication, and learn about some of the most influential historical movements.

    Tips and activities2 are also included to get you started on making some of your own protest art.

    Guided by activist, lecturer and speaker De Nichol's powerful own narrative and stunningly illustrated by a collaboration of young artists from around the world, including Diana Dagadita, Olivia Twist, Molly Mendoza, Raul Oprea and Diego Becas, Art of Protest is as inspiring as it is empowering.

    ISBN: 9781787417663
    Publication date: 14/10/2021
    Price: $34.99
    Author: Nichols, De
    Format: Hardback
    Price: $34.99
  • Beliefs
    There are all kinds of beliefs. People may be Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Jews, Muslims or Sikhs, or belong to other religions. Some people have non-religious beliefs. We can show what we believe by how we dress, what we eat, how we behave and how we treat other people. What are your beliefs? This non-fiction picture book celebrates the different beliefs people have, and is illustrated throughout with beautiful artwork.

    The ALL KINDS OF series is aimed at children aged 5 and up and offers a friendly and inclusive look at how we live our lives, celebrating our differences as well as what we have in common. Titles in the four-book series are: All Kinds Of Beliefs, All Kinds Of Bodies, All Kinds Of Families and All Kinds Of Feelings.

    ISBN: 9781445161099
    Publication date: 28/04/2020
    Price: $23.99
    Author: All Kinds Of
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $23.99
  • Biggest Footprint Eight billion humans One clumsy giant.
    Biggest Footprint Eight billion humans One clumsy giant.
    The mega human: colossal, clueless... And the biggest hope for life on earth.

    There are eight billion of us humans. All breathing, eating, fidgeting and thinking deep thoughts. It's an unimaginably large number. Or is it?

    Say hello to the mega human: all the people in the world smooshed into one spectacular giant. Even though it's not the smartest of creatures, the mega human is slowly beginning to understand the problems it has created for Planet Earth's future . . . and how it might be able to fix them. Making use of brain-bending stats and smoosh theory, The Biggest Footprint is a journey of self-discovery suitable for anyone and everyone identifying as human.

    ISBN: 9781838853495
    Publication date: 16/09/2021
    Price: $32.99
    Author: Sears, Rob
    Format: Hardback
    Price: $32.99
  • Billy's Weekend a Story from the Islands of Fiji
    Billy's Weekend a Story from the Islands of Fiji
    Billy, who lives on the island of Ovalau in Fiji, describes some of the things he does on the weekend. Includes some Fijian words, and a glossary.

    ISBN: 9780473257392
    Price: $25.00
    Author: Children Of The Pacific
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $25.00
  • Black Beauty
    Black Beauty
    Christian Birmingham's stunning new colour edition of Anna Sewell's classic tale is complete and unabridged, and the narrative voice of Black Beauty as fresh as the day the story was first published in 1877. This enchanting story of the bravery of a horse in Victorian Britain has captivated and enthralled so many generations of readers. Step back in time and see the world through Black Beauty's gentle and patient eyes, as he enjoys the pleasures and the hardships that fell to horses living in the nineteenth century. Meet the compassionate heroes and hard-hearted rascals whom Beauty encounters during his life and, above all, experience what it is to be a horse - to gallop on the soft grass and to hear a kind word in a moment of great need. It is truly a story you will never forget.

    ISBN: 9781760651862
    Publication date: 03/10/2019
    Price: $34.99
    Author: Sewell, Anna
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $34.99
  • Celebrations Around the World: the Fabulous Celebrations You Won't Want to Miss
    Celebrations Around the World: the Fabulous Celebrations You Won't Want to Miss
    Embark on an exciting journey through the most interesting and important festivals, celebrations, and holidays enjoyed by people around the world. Stunning original illustrations and fascinating facts will inspire and inform children about cultures and religions from a huge range of countries and continents.

    Witness a camel marathon in a celebration of the Sahara Desert, and munch on Mid-Autumn mooncakes in China. Discover why skeletons dance at the Day of the Dead in Mexico, and how the world's biggest tomato fight, La Tomatina in Spain, gets cleaned up!

    Children will love poring over artist Katy Halford's beautiful illustrations, which showcase every celebration in absorbing detail. Engaging factual writing introduce young readers to the most interesting aspects of each celebration, from the costumes worn to the food eaten, and encourage an understanding of other cultures and religions. It's time to celebrate!

    ISBN: 9780241376713
    Publication date: 01/08/2019
    Price: $24.00
    Format: Hardback
    Price: $24.00
  • Children Just Like Me A New Celebration of Children Around the World
    Children Just Like Me A New Celebration of Children Around the World
    Children Just Like Me is an amazing children's book showing everyday life through the eyes and words of children around the world.
    Offering a remarkable insight into the lives of children today all around the globe, Children Just Like Me is packed with photography of children, their friends and family, home, and school vividly illustrating different cultures, from rural farms to busy cities to river boats.
    With distinctive DK design and text, using children's own words, children will take a journey around the world to meet Children Just Like Me.

    ISBN: 9780241207352
    Publication date: 01/09/2016
    Price: $37.00
    Format: Hardback
    Price: $37.00
  • Childrens Illustrated Atlas
    Childrens Illustrated Atlas
    You've got the whole world in your hands with the most amazing atlas around.

    This incredible and inspiring visual guide to the continents and countries takes you on a wonderful whistle-stop tour of planet Earth. ??

    From Australia to Zimbabwe, each and every place is brought to life with stunning photography and eye-catching illustrations to encapsulate the geography, landscape, culture, history, and special features. More than 50 breathtaking maps are packed with fun and fresh images accompanied by information about climate, population, star sites, mountains, rivers, and wildlife. Accompanying keys focus on the main produce, exports, industries, and activities. As well as learning a wealth of information about our world today, the Children's Illustrated Atlas shows young adventurers how to read a map and use a key, compass, and scale.??

    There is room in every children's library for this absolutely essential addition. What in the world are you waiting for?

    ISBN: 9780241228074
    Publication date: 01/08/2016
    Price: $37.00
    Author: Brooks, Andrew
    Format: Hardback
    Price: $37.00
  • Children's Literary Christmas
    Children's Literary Christmas
    Immerse yourself in some truly festive magic with this brand-new collection of the finest Christmas stories, prose, songs and poetry from some of the greatest writers in the English language. Inspired by the approach and style of the British Library's 2018 bestseller A Literary Christmas, this carefully chosen anthology moves its focus to those most deeply involved in the wonders of Christmas, the Christmas girls and Christmas boys. Twenty-four seasonal chapters allow the excitement to build as parents and grandparents can share pages of unforgettable adventures, festive traditions, tales of elves, snowmen and reindeer, fairytales, folklore and family fun. Age-old pleasures from those essential Christmas favourites, including Dickens, Kenneth Grahame, George Mackay Brown, Robert L. May and Ezra Jack Keats, are presented alongside charming, but often more edgy, award-wining contemporary voices. This treasure trove of stories is brought to life by an equally beautiful selection of seasonal illustrations from the collections of the Library and the artwork of some of the great modern book illustrators.

    ISBN: 9780712352796
    Publication date: 10/10/2019
    Price: $39.99
    Author: James, Anna
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $39.99
  • Chinese Alphabet Wooden Blocks
    Chinese Alphabet Wooden Blocks
    Each block reveals a debossed Mandarin Chinese character representing the word for an animal. On its opposing side, find the same character paired with its English translation. See a handcrafted picture of the animal on yet another side. Also featured: a stroke grid, Mandarin/English numbers; plus a bold Chinoiserie design.

    Uncle Goose illustrated each animal with a distinctive brush stroke effect. The refined type is both colorful and traceable. Delight in the bright step-and-repeat patterns.

    45cm cubes
    Made using sustainable Midwestern basswood
    Printed with non-toxic, mouth safe inks
    100% made in the USA
    Ages 2+

    ISBN: 794813501334
    Price: $89.99
    Author: CHI32
    Format: Boxed Set
    Price: $89.99
  • Chinese Folktales The Dragon Slayer and Other Timeless Tales
    Chinese Folktales The Dragon Slayer and Other Timeless Tales
    Age range 9 to 12

    For thousands of years, Chinese storytellers have delighted listeners with stories about the value of virtues like honesty, respect, courage and self-reliance. Chinese Folktales collects nineteen of these fantastic tales, some of them dating back to the third century BCE, and retells them in contemporary English for a modern audience. This updated edition-previously titled Chinese Fables-offers the same great stories in a smaller, easier to handle format at a lower price.

    Each of these stories offers a nugget of ancient folk wisdom and glimpses of traditional Chinese culture and lore. All of the tales express the foibles and wisdom of human experience with great humor and affection. Although the lessons are universal, the wit and flavor are uniquely Chinese.

    Beautifully illustrated by a master Chinese artist using a patchwork of ancient tones and textures, with a deft touch of humor, this book will give great joy to children and adults alike.

    Chinese children's stories include:
    The Practical Bride
    Stealing the Bell
    Kwan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy
    Cooking the Duck
    Scaring the Tigers
    The Dragon Slayer

    ISBN: 9780804854757
    Publication date: 19/10/2021
    Price: $24.99
    Author: Nunes, Shiho S.
    Format: Hardback
    Price: $24.99
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