• At Home Try These in the Kitchen, Bathroom, and All Over Your Home!

    At Home Try These in the Kitchen, Bathroom, and All Over Your Home!
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    With more than 80 fun experiments, At Home (SUPER Science Experiments) is the ultimate lab book for kids who are stuck at home! This fact- and fun-filled book includes tons of simple, kid-tested science experiments, many of which can be done with items found around the house, and require little-to-no supervision! That's right-no adult help needed. That means no grownups doing all the fun stuff while you watch. You can do lots of messy, cool, mind-blowing experiments all by yourself! All the supplies you need are probably already in your home. No fancy gadgets or doohickeys needed! Whether you're making a soap-powered boat, creating indoor rainbows, or performing magic (science!) tricks, this book has something for everyone. Each experiment features safety precautions, materials needed, step-by-step instructions with illustrations, fun facts, and further explorations.
    With At Home (SUPER Science Experiments), kid scientists like you can:
    Trick your taste buds
    Use yeast to blow up balloons
    Freeze hot water faster than cold water
    Build a water wheel
    Make things disappear
    Create an indoor rainbow
    And complete many other SUPER science experiments!

    At once engaging, encouraging, and inspiring, the SUPER Science Experiments series provides budding scientists with go-to, hands-on guides for learning the fundamentals of science and exploring the fascinating world around them. Also in this series, check out: Cool Creations, Build It, and Outdoor Fun. There's no better boredom-buster than a science experiment. You will learn something and astound and amaze your friends and family. So, what are you waiting for? Get experimenting!

    ISBN: 9781633228726
    Publication date: 31/03/2020
    Price: $16.99
    Author: Super Science Experiments
    Format: Paperback
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