• Dark Skies
    Dark Skies
    Witnessing the sweep of the Milky Way, the remains of comets burning up in our atmosphere, or the shimmering aurora, we better understand the universe and our place in it. Lonely Planet's Dark Skies, the first world's guide to astrotourism, can help you experience all of this and more first-hand.

    Meticulously researched by dark sky expert Valerie Stimac, this comprehensive companion includes guides to 35 dark-sky sites and national parks, where to see the aurora, the next decade of total solar eclipses and how to view rocket launches, plus the lowdown on commercial space flight, observatories and meteor showers.

    Dark Skies is divided into sections to help you plan your dark sky tour:

    Stargazing focuses on the basics of appreciating the dark sky, with an overview on how to stargaze and what types of objects to look for, as well as tips for the urban stargazer.

    Dark Places is devoted to 35 of the best places around the globe for stargazing and experiencing the night sky, including sites designated by the Dark Sky Association.

    Astronomy in Action features some of the world's top research facilities and observatories,where you can get a closer look at space science.

    Meteor Showers has everything you need to know about the most consistent and impressive meteor showers that happen annually.

    Aurora is divided into two parts, one focusing on the aurora borealis in the northern hemisphere and the other on the aurora australis in the southern hemisphere.

    Eclipses follows the schedule of total solar eclipses over the next decade. If you've never experienced totality, here is your definitive guide to planning your trip.

    Launches helps you experience a different side of astrotourism: rocket launches and the countries that allow you to travel to see them.

    Space Tourism discusses the future of humans in space - including you! The major players in the evolving space tourism market are detailed, plus the world's most common destinations and experiences.

    About Lonely Planet: Lonely Planet is a leading travel media company and the world's number one travel guidebook brand, providing both inspiring and trustworthy information for every kind of traveller since 1973. Over the past four decades, we've printed over 145 million guidebooks and grown a dedicated, passionate global community of travellers. You'll also find our content online, on mobile, video and in 14 languages, 12 international magazines, armchair and lifestyle books, ebooks, and more.

    ISBN: 9781788686198
    Publication date: 13/09/2019
    Price: $34.99
    Author: Lonely Planet
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $34.99
  • Definitive Bucket List
    Definitive Bucket List
    Spending the kids' inheritance. Growing old disgracefully. Life begins at 50. You see these catchy phrases on bumper stickers, tea towels and even t-shirts, but all jokes aside, there is one thing we all know - no matter how old our driver's license says we are, we all feel much younger at heart. And travel goes a long way in keeping you young. Inside this book you'll find hundreds of holiday ideas across Australia and New Zealand, from luxury escapes to walking holidays, bike rides, train journeys, golfing trips, garden tours and unforgettable wildlife encounters. Now that you've got the mortgage monkey off your back and a bit of a nest egg to spend, time on your hands if you have retired - or cut back on the working hours - and the kids are old enough to look after themselves (even if they haven't yet left home), it's the perfect time to travel, particularly while you're still fit and active enough to really enjoy it. After all, you've earned it.

    ISBN: 9781741175745
    Publication date: 01/11/2019
    Price: $50.00
    Author: Atkinson, Lee
    Format: Hardback
    Price: $50.00
  • Dk Eyewitness Travel Guide Ireland: 2020
    Dk Eyewitness Travel Guide Ireland: 2020
    Your journey starts here. This new edition of our Ireland guide, packed with colour photography, DK's iconic illustrations and detailed maps, has been expertly updated so you won't miss a thing.

    - Gorgeous, all-new colour photography so you can imagine yourself there
    - Reasons to love Ireland- world-class museums, breathtaking scenery, ancient castles and the indefinable craic - what will yours be?
    - See Ireland from a different angle- 38 pages of fresh ideas for exploring the island
    - A year-long calendar of events in Ireland gives a selection of local events and festivals for all seasons
    - Expert advice covers the practical stuff- get ready, get around and stay safe
    - Detailed colour maps help you navigate the country with ease
    - Expert tips to make memories that last - where to snap and share the perfect photo, take in stunning views and escape the crowds
    - The most authentic places to stay, eat, drink and shop
    - Easy-to-follow walks and itineraries take you on a tour of each area, with plenty of food and drink stops en route.
    - Hand-drawn illustrations show the inside of the must-see attractions, including Trinity College, Dublin Castle, Christ Church Cathedral, Powerscourt Estate and Bantry House
    - Covers Southeast Dublin; Southwest Dublin; North of the Liffey; Beyond Dublin's City Centre; Southeast Ireland; Cork and Kerry; the Lower Shannon; the West of Ireland; Northwest Ireland; the Midlands; and Belfast and Northern Ireland.

    Planning a city break? Try our Top 10 Dublin.

    About DK Eyewitness Travel- For over 25 years, DK's beautifully practical Eyewitness guides have been combining inspiring ideas and expert advice with easy-to-read maps and vivid photography to inform and enrich your holiday. DK is the world's leading illustrated reference publisher, producing beautifully designed books for adults and children in over 120 countries.

    ISBN: 9780241368725
    Publication date: 05/09/2019
    Price: $37.00
    Author: Dk Travel
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $37.00
  • Dk Eyewitness Travel Guide Japan
    Dk Eyewitness Travel Guide Japan
    The DK Eyewitness Guide Japan is your ideal travel companion, providing you with detailed history, maps, tours, and itineraries for exploring this richly cultured and unique nation. From the bustle and contrasting tranquility found in Tokyo, to the beauty of the old imperial capital of Kyoto and the majestic peaks of Mount Fuji, Japan offers something for everyone. Whatever your itinerary, DK Eyewitness Guide Japan will show you the highlights of Japanese life - from ancient customs and traditions to cutting-edge technology - all showcased with fine photography and illustrations, along with detailed travel and practical information. Enjoy the best of Japan with this comprehensive travel guide.

    ISBN: 9780241256756
    Publication date: 01/02/2017
    Price: $40.00
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • Down Under Travels in a Sunburned Country
    Down Under Travels in a Sunburned Country
    It is the driest, flattest, hottest, most desiccated, infertile and climatically aggressive of all the inhabited continents and still Australia teems with life - a large portion of it quite deadly. In fact, Australia has more things that can kill you in a very nasty way than anywhere else.

    Ignoring such dangers - and yet curiously obsessed by them - Bill Bryson journeyed to Australia and promptly fell in love with the country. And who can blame him? The people are cheerful, extrovert, quick-witted and unfailingly obliging- their cities are safe and clean and nearly always built on water; the food is excellent; the beer is cold and the sun nearly always shines. Life doesn't get much better than this...

    ISBN: 9781784161835
    Publication date: 05/11/2015
    Price: $30.00
    Author: Bryson, Bill
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Epic Drives of the World 1
    Epic Drives of the World 1
    Buckle up for the next installment in our 'Epic' series and the follow-up to Epic Bike Rides of the World. Epic Drives of the World, a beautiful paperback, showcases 50 of the greatest road trips on Earth, from classic routes in America, Australia and Europe, to incredible adventures in Asia and Africa.

    Organised by continent, each route features a first-hand account, awe-inspiring photographs, illustrated maps and practical advice on when to go, how to get there, where to stay and what to eat. From Hawaii's Hana Highway and Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh Road, to Utah's National Park Circuit and Germany's Black Forest High Road, Epic Drives of the World will inspire any motorist to hit the open road.

    African and Middle East drives include:

    The self-drive Safari (Zambia)
    Crossing the Kalahari (Botswana)
    Passing over the Panorama Route (South Africa)
    Marrakesh to Taroudannt (Morocco)
    Cruising Clarence Drive (South Africa)

    The Americas drives include:

    The Highway to Hana in Hawaii (USA)
    The Salar de Uyuni (Bolivia)
    The Pacific Coast Highway (USA)
    Crossing the Carretera Austral (Chile)
    Canada's Icefields Parkway

    ISBN: 9781838694685
    Publication date: 01/04/2021
    Price: $34.99
    Author: Lonely Planet
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $34.99
  • Family Travel Handbook
    Family Travel Handbook
    Full of practical advice, ideas and inspiration from Lonely Planet's parents to you, this essential guide gives you the lowdown on the wealth of amazing travel experiences around the world - and how to plan and enjoy them with your family. From navigating air and train travel to approaching unfamiliar meals and a change in routine, The Family Travel Handbook encourages curiosity, exploration and independence.

    This handy trip planner brings all our expertise together into one useful guide that you can refer to for everything from ideas about exploring the great outdoors to how to pack up everything and take the kids on a round-the-world trip. It'll help you to explore more confidently and, if you're willing, take you out of your comfort zone to experience even more remarkable sights and activities.

    We also include a section of recommendations on the best places to go, whatever sort of trip you're after - from the top five places for infants, toddlers, tweens and teenagers, and the top five budget destinations, to our favourite family-friendly cruises, wildlife-spotting adventures and beach holidays.

    Whether your family are experienced jet-setters or unsure where to start taking your kids, we'll show you how rewarding and memorable opportunities for family travel exist at every turn.

    The handbook contains:

    Getting Ready:

    Deciding where to go
    Travelling independently vs taking a package
    Travellers with disabilities
    Family finances

    In Transit:

    Take to the skies
    Embrace the open road
    Let the train take the strain
    All aboard: cruising with kids

    On the Ground:

    Where to stay
    Where and what to eat and drink
    The challenges of different ages

    Exploring the Great Outdoors:

    Water-based activities
    Snow-based activities
    Travelling sustainably with kids

    Ready to be Adventurous?:

    Start small: embrace the possibilities
    Push your collective comfort zones
    Be a world nomad
    Let them fly the travel nest

    After the Trip:

    Photography on the road
    Back home

    About Lonely Planet: Lonely Planet is a leading travel media company and the world's number one travel guidebook brand, providing both inspiring and trustworthy information for every kind of traveller since 1973. Over the past four decades, we've printed over 145 million guidebooks and grown a dedicated, passionate global community of travellers. You'll also find our content online, on mobile, video and in 14 languages, 12 international magazines, armchair and lifestyle books, ebooks, and more.

    ISBN: 9781788689151
    Publication date: 01/01/2020
    Price: $32.99
    Author: Lonely Planet
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $32.99
  • Fearless Footsteps True Stories that Capture the Spirit of Adventure
    Fearless Footsteps True Stories that Capture the Spirit of Adventure
    True Stories That Capture the Spirit of Adventure

    Travelling the world is an exhilarating, eye-opening, life-affirming experience. But it can also be scary to even think about. There are language barriers, borders to cross, planes to fly in, and of course, the mystery of an unknown land. It can be difficult to take the chance, even when you’re yearning for adventure.

    This inspirational collection of true travel stories proves that the best journeys are to be had when you feel the fear but go anyway. From a nervous flier anxiously taking to the skies for the first time to a female traveller braving the Middle East, from a death-defying hike on an Indonesian volcano to the anxious freedom of finding yourself alone on the other side of the world, these stories are certain to send you looking for your passport.

    Created by the popular travel writing website, Intrepid Times, as part of an international writing competition that saw entries pouring in from across the globe, Fearless Footsteps is travel writing at both its most exhilarating and its most introspective. Covering every continent from Africa to Antarctica, these carefully selected stories get to the heart of what it means to be a traveller and see the world with courage, open-mindedness, and relentless curiosity.

    ISBN: 9781925820577
    Publication date: 01/11/2020
    Price: $29.99
    Author: Thomas, Nathan James
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $29.99
  • From the Holy Mountain a Journey in the Shadow of Byzantium
    From the Holy Mountain a Journey in the Shadow of Byzantium
    In the spring of 587 AD, two monks set off on an extraordinary journey that would take them in an arc across the entire Byzantine world, from the shores of the Bosphorus to the sand dunes of Egypt. On the way John Moschos and his pupil Sophronius the Sophist stayed in caves, monasteries and remote hermitages, collecting the wisdom of the stylites and the desert fathers before their world shattered under the great eruption of Islam. More than a thousand years later, using Moschos's writings as his guide, William Dalrymple set off to retrace their footsteps. Despite centuries of isolation, a surprising number of the monasteries and churches visited by the two monks still survive today, surrounded by often hostile populations. Dalrymple's pilgrimage took him through a bloody civil war in eastern Turkey, the ruins of Beirut, the vicious tensions of the West Bank and a fundamentalist uprising in southern Egypt. His book is an elegy to the slowly dying civilization of Eastern Christianity and the peoples that have kept its flame alive.

    ISBN: 9780006547747
    Publication date: 20/04/1998
    Price: $26.99
    Author: Dalrymple, William
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $26.99
  • Great Railway Journeys in Australia and New Zealand (2nd Edition)
    Great Railway Journeys in Australia and New Zealand (2nd Edition)
    An absorbing description of 35 trips that highlight some of the most interesting, scenic and rewarding railway journeys in New Zealand and Australia. They include the renowned long-distance journeys, such as The Northern Explorer in New Zealand's North Island that stretches from Wellington to Auckland, and The Indian Pacific in Australia that takes travellers on a three-day trip from Perth to Sydney, as well as journeys that traverse stunning scenery, such as New Zealand's TranzAlpine train or the Spirit of the Outback in Australia. Also included in this new edition is New Zealands' Coastal Pacific that runs between Picton and Christchurch, now fully operational again since being shut in the aftermath of the 2016 earthquake.

    There are also routes on which restored steam locomotives operate and other lines included for the wonder of their engineering. Trains are a great way to travel in these countries, taking you at ground level past superb scenery that often cannot be seen by any other means of transport. David Bowden's entertaining text describes the route, the major features of interest along the way and any special technical details about the locomotive or the track.

    ISBN: 9781912081424
    Publication date: 01/10/2020
    Price: $39.99
    Author: Bowden, David
    Format: Hardback
    Price: $39.99
  • Hidden Places
    Hidden Places
    Discover an ancient gateway to the Mayan underworld at Actun Tunichil Muknal cave, hidden in the depths of the jungle in Belize, a mysterious underwater monument sunken off the Ryukyu Islands in Japan or a prehistoric village covered for centuries by a huge sand dune at Skara Brae in the Orkney Islands. Bringing together evocative text and stunning illustrations this beautiful book instantly transports you to twenty-five of the world's most secret destinations. From remote locations that visitors must trek and wade just to catch a glimpse of, to forgotten cities only recently revealed, and places purposefully hidden away as sanctuaries from persecution, each destination has a very human story at its heart and behind its secrecy. Perfect for those who want to get away from it all, this book takes you closer to these hidden locations than ever before.

    ISBN: 9781781319208
    Publication date: 03/03/2020
    Price: $32.99
    Author: Baxter, Sarah
    Format: Hardback
    Price: $32.99
  • Hiking With Nietzsche: Becoming Who You Are
    Hiking With Nietzsche: Becoming Who You Are
    Hiking with Nietzsche: Becoming Who You Are is a tale of two philosophical journeys - one made by John Kaag as an introspective young man of nineteen, the other seventeen years later, in radically different circumstances: he is now a husband and father, and his wife and small child are in tow. Kaag sets off for the Swiss peaks above Sils Maria where Nietzsche wrote his landmark work Thus Spoke Zarathustra. Both of Kaag's journeys are made in search of the wisdom at the core of Nietzsche's philosophy, yet they deliver him to radically different interpretations and, more crucially, revelations about the human condition.

    Just as Kaag's acclaimed debut, American Philosophy: A Love Story, seamlessly wove together his philosophical discoveries with his search for meaning, Hiking with Nietzsche is a fascinating exploration not only of Nietzsche's ideals but of how his experience of living relates to us as individuals in the twenty-first century.

    Bold, intimate, and rich with insight, Hiking with Nietzsche is about defeating complacency, balancing sanity and madness, and coming to grips with the unobtainable. As Kaag hikes, alone or with his family, but always with Nietzsche, he recognizes that even slipping can be instructive. It is in the process of climbing, and through the inevitable missteps, that one has the chance, in Nietzsche's words, to 'become who you are'.

    ISBN: 9781783784943
    Publication date: 13/12/2018
    Price: $36.99
    Author: Kaag, John
    Format: Hardback
    Price: $36.99
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