• Cat Natural History

    Cat Natural History
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    The Cat: A Natural History takes an absorbing, in-depth look at the biology, behaviour and diversity of this popular animal.

    Provides a comprehensive, richly illustrated introduction to the natural and cultural history of the cat
    Offers an in-depth discussion of behaviour, including social organisation, communication, courtship, and learning
    Covers anatomy and physiology, including mobility, predation skills, and the genetics of coat colours
    Features clear and accessible text plus infographics, diagrams, and 250 stunning colour photographs
    Includes a beautiful photographic directory of more than forty breeds

    Tracking the evolution of the cat from its first ancestor, the Pseudaelurus, to the emergence of the modern domestic cat, Sarah Brown looks at how different lineages of the species developed and how the domestic cat Felis came into contact with humans.

    Clear accounts of how the cat's body functions help explain its extraordinary ability to balance, assess its hunting abilities, and understand its health and dietary needs. Details about the range of coat types and colours and their genetics give a comprehensive overview of the many breeds and non-breeds we see today. Descriptions of the function of whiskers, the cat's reliance on their sense of smell, and the sensory importance of the tongue all contribute to our understanding of the cat's physiology.

    Cat communication by different means is covered, including vocalisation and non-vocal communication. Whether living in the wild, on the streets or in a domestic setting, learning how to relate to other cats is a central element to cats' socialisation, and this is discussed as part of an in-depth look at cat behaviour.

    The cat's notorious independent spirit and how it affects the cat-human relationship is assessed, and we take a look at attitudes to cats over the centuries and show how cats have featured in culture. The author offers advice on how to promote feline harmony in a multi-cat household, and how to enhance your pet's physical and mental well-being.

    A directory of breeds features gorgeous photographs of more than 40 popular breeds, alongside details of their characteristics, genetic background and care requirements. Modern breeding and associated issues are raised, and a comprehensive glossary of medical terms covers health issues that owners need to know.

    ISBN: 9781782408574
    Publication date: 03/03/2020
    Price: $39.99
    Author: Brown, Sarah, Ph.D
    Format: Hard Back
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