• Beginners Guide to Being Mental
    Beginners Guide to Being Mental
    'Am I normal?'
    'What's an anxiety disorder?'
    'Does therapy work?'
    'How would I know if someone had an eating disorder?'

    These are just a few of the questions Natasha Devon is asked as she travels the UK campaigning for better mental health awareness and provision. Here, Natasha calls upon experts in the fields of psychology, neuroscience and anthropology to debunk and demystify the full spectrum of mental health. From A (Anxiety) to Z (Zero F*cks - the art of high self-esteem) via everything from body image and gender to differentiating 'sadness' from 'depression'.

    Statistically, one in three of us will experience symptoms of a mental illness during our lifetimes. Yet all of us have a brain, and so we ALL have mental health - regardless of age, sexuality, race or background. The past few years have seen an explosion in awareness, yet it seems there is still widespread confusion. A Beginner's Guide to Being Mental is for anyone who wants to have this essential conversation, written as only Natasha, with her combination of expertise, personal experience and humour, knows how.

    ISBN: 9781509882229
    Publication date: 17/05/2018
    Price: $34.99
    Author: Devon, Natasha
    Format: Trade Paperback
    Price: $34.99
  • Beginner's Guide to the End
    Beginner's Guide to the End
    "I wish I'd had this book when I needed it. Death and dying are not subjects that many people are comfortable talking about, but it's hugely important to be as prepared as you can be - emotionally, physically, practically, financially, and spiritually. This book may be the most important guide you could have." - Elizabeth Gilbert, author of EAT PRAY LOVE


    The end of a life can often feel like a traumatic, chaotic and inhuman experience. In this reassuring and inspiring book, palliative care physician Dr BJ Miller and writer Shoshana Berger provide a vision for rethinking and navigating this universal process.

    There are plenty of self-help books for mourners, but nothing in the way of a modern, approachable and above all useful field guide for the living. And all of us - young, old, sick and well - could use the help. After all, pregnant couples have ample resources available to them as they prepare to bring a new life into the world: Lamaze courses, elaborate birth plans, tons of manuals. Why don't we have a WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU'RE EXPECTING TO DIE book?

    An accessible, beautifully designed and illustrated companion, A BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO THE END offers a clear-eyed and compassionate survey of the most pressing issues that come up when one is dying, and will bring optimism and practical guidance to empower readers with the knowledge, resources and tools they'll need to die better, maybe even with triumph.

    ISBN: 9781786484819
    Publication date: 10/01/2019
    Price: $37.99
    Author: Miller, Bj
    Format: Trade Paperback
    Price: $37.99
  • Being a True Hero
    Being a True Hero
    Suicide and mental illness are uncomfortable topics, yet, Michael carefully guides the reader through these difficult subjects in a remarkable way that leaves the reader feeling empowered and hopeful. Michael effortlessly merges scientific research with real-world examples. This book takes complex scientific information and presents it in a way so that anyone can understand it. Michael shows that suicide is caused by a wide range of reasons, from depression, anxiety, brain injuries, psychosis, lack of sleep, loneliness, failure and many more. More importantly, he shows that no matter how bad the situation is there is always hope and always options for things to get better. He shows that there are alos many options available for people who have been told "there is nothing we can do for you". The book is helpful for all parents, teachers, counsellors, social workers, sports coaches, employers, doctors, nurses and many more.

    ISBN: 9780473471903
    Price: $24.99
    Author: Hempseed, Michael
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $24.99
  • Being Beautiful An inspiring anthology of wit and wisdom on what it means to be beautiful
    Being Beautiful An inspiring anthology of wit and wisdom on what it means to be beautiful
    Beauty. How do we achieve it? Who gets to define it? How do you live a beautiful life? Being Beautiful is an inspiring assemblage of writings on beauty - inner and outer - from some of the world's most fascinating thinkers.
    This is an anthology for dipping into, but also for drawing lessons about the business of being beautiful. Contributions include the Buddha on living beautifully, the philosopher Edmund Burke on how to define a beautiful face, Dolly Parton on the importance of inner beauty, and Naomi Wolf on ageing beautifully. Through its text and original illustrations, the book attempts to explore and illuminate what beauty means to us in the twenty-first century, and to inspire, provoke and delight. Other contributors include John Cage, Maya Angelou, Francis Bacon, Charlotte Bront , Immanuel Kant, Joan Collins, Kate Moss, and many more.

    ISBN: 9780711239173
    Publication date: 29/08/2018
    Price: $32.99
    Author: Gordon, Helen
    Format: Hard Back
    Price: $32.99
  • Being Mortal Illness Medicine and What Matters in the End
    Being Mortal Illness Medicine and What Matters in the End
    For most of human history, death was a common, ever-present possibility. It didn't matter whether you were five or fifty - every day was a roll of the dice. But now, as medical advances push the boundaries of survival further each year, we have become increasingly detached from the reality of being mortal. So here is a book about the modern experience of mortality - about what it's like to get old and die, how medicine has changed this and how it hasn't, where our ideas about death have gone wrong. With his trademark mix of perceptiveness and sensitivity, Atul Gawande outlines a story that crosses the globe, as he examines his experiences as a surgeon and those of his patients and family, and learns to accept the limits of what he can do. Never before has aging been such an important topic. The systems that we have put in place to manage our mortality are manifestly failing; but, as Gawande reveals, it doesn't have to be this way. The ultimate goal, after all, is not a good death, but a good life - all the way to the very end. Published in partnership with the Wellcome Collection, a free visitor destination that explores the connections between medicine, life and art.

    ISBN: 9781846685828
    Publication date: 01/07/2015
    Price: $24.99
    Author: Gawande, Atul
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $24.99
  • Better a Surgeons Notes on Performance
    Better a Surgeons Notes on Performance
    The struggle to perform well is universal, but nowhere is this drive to do better more important than in medicine. In his new book, Atul Gawande explores how doctors strive to close the gap between best intentions and best performance in the face of obstacles that sometimes seem insurmountable. His vivid stories take us to battlefield surgical tents in Iraq, to a polio outbreak in India and to malpractice courtrooms around the country. He discusses the ethical dilemmas of doctors' participation in lethal injections, examines the influence of money on modern medicine and recounts the astoundingly contentious history of hand-washing. Finally, he gives a brutally honest insight into life as a practising surgeon. Unflinching but compassionate, Gawande's investigation into medical professionals and their progression from good to great provides a detailed blueprint for success that can be used by everyone.

    ISBN: 9781861976574
    Publication date: 27/03/2008
    Price: $29.99
    Author: Gawande, Atul
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $29.99
  • Beyond Order 12 More Rules for Life
    Beyond Order 12 More Rules for Life
    In 12 Rules for Life, acclaimed public thinker and clinical psychologist Jordan B. Peterson offered an antidote to the chaos in our lives- eternal truths applied to modern anxieties. His insights have helped millions of readers and resonated powerfully around the world.

    Now in this long-awaited sequel, Peterson goes further, showing that part of life's meaning comes from reaching out into the domain beyond what we know, and adapting to an ever-transforming world. While an excess of chaos threatens us with uncertainty, an excess of order leads to a lack of curiosity and creative vitality. Beyond Order therefore calls on us to balance the two fundamental principles of reality - order and chaos -- and reveals the profound meaning that can be found on the path that divides them.

    In times of instability and suffering, Peterson reminds us that there are sources of strength on which we can all draw- insights borrowed from psychology, philosophy, and humanity's greatest myths and stories. Drawing on the hard-won truths of ancient wisdom, as well as deeply personal lessons from his own life and clinical practice, Peterson offers twelve new principles to guide readers towards a more courageous, truthful and meaningful life.

    ISBN: 9780241407639
    Publication date: 02/03/2021
    Price: $38.00
    Author: Peterson, Jordan B.
    Format: Trade Paperback
    Price: $38.00
  • Big Ideas the Little Book of Psychology
    Big Ideas the Little Book of Psychology
    The Little Book of Psychology clearly explains more than 100 groundbreaking ideas in this fascinating field of science. How does the brain remember faces? What makes us choose one decision over another? Where does language come from?

    With the use of powerful and easy-to-follow images, quotations from all the major thinkers, and explanations that are easily understandable, this book demystifies hard-to-grasp concepts and shows how these have shaped our knowledge of the human mind. All the schools of psychology are covered from cognitive to behavioural psychology making this ideal for students or for anyone with a general interest in this popular area.

    If you're fascinated by the human mind then The Little Book of Psychology will get you thinking in this brand new portable format.

    ISBN: 9780241341285
    Publication date: 07/06/2018
    Price: $21.00
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $21.00
  • Big Little Book of Resilience
    Big Little Book of Resilience
    Most of us set out quietly hoping for, and secretly expecting, to live a happy, successful and healthy life. But life doesn't always go to plan. The Big Little Book of Resilience is about developing flexibility, acceptance and self-compassion when those plans go awry. In this beautifully illustrated book, Matthew Johnstone guides the reader to an understanding of how resilience plays a key role in wellbeing. He offers an accessible roadmap to developing and maintaining resilience and how it can help you overcome and learn from difficult life events.

    ISBN: 9781742614328
    Publication date: 01/02/2015
    Price: $24.99
    Author: Johnstone, Matthew
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $24.99
  • Blank Why its fine to falter and fail and how to pick yourself up again
    Blank Why its fine to falter and fail and how to pick yourself up again
    Everyone has those difficult blank moments sometimes.

    Whether in your personal life, career, relationship, or in a public situation, writer's block, social anxiety, imposter syndrome, being off-form or having an identity crisis can affect anyone at any time. It's part of the human condition and yet it can throw us off course and make us feel helpless.

    Giles Paley-Phillips and Jim Daly host an informal, insightful podcast in which they chat to well-known people from comedy, acting, writing, broadcasting, politics and sports about their careers and how they get through these moments when things aren't going to plan. Some of the recurring themes include public failure, social anxieties, fear, mental health, grief and more. This, their first book, looks at the common experiences and lessons they've encountered while talking to guests such as Louis Theroux, David Harbour, Reginald D Hunter, Jon Ronson, Dawn French, Rufus Sewell and Gary Lineker.

    Blank moments allow us to reset and see things differently. Far from being setbacks, they can be the impetus for clarity and creativity. Identify your blank moments and jump in - you never know what you might find.

    ISBN: 9781787136168
    Publication date: 03/03/2021
    Price: $36.99
    Author: Paley-Phillips, Giles
    Format: Hard Back
    Price: $36.99
  • Blink of an Eye: How I Died and Started Living
    Blink of an Eye: How I Died and Started Living
    At the age of 38, Rikke Schmidt Kjaergaard, a Danish scientist, wife and mother of three, is struck down by an acute bout of bacterial meningitis. She awakes from a coma in intensive care to find herself completely paralysed, unable to show she is conscious except by blinking her eye. It becomes her only form of communication as in the months that follow, Kjaergaard's husband Peter sits beside her helping to interpret every eye movement. She struggles with every basic of life - painfully learning how to breathe, move, eat and speak again. Despite being given a five per cent chance of survival, she works intensively to recover and achieve every small breakthrough.

    THE BLINK OF AN EYE is a celebration of love and family and every little thing that matters when life is in the balance - written by a scientist uniquely able to describe her physical and mental journey to recovery.

    ISBN: 9781473669390
    Publication date: 24/01/2019
    Price: $24.99
    Author: Kjaergaard, Rikke Schmidt
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $24.99
  • Bloated Belly Whisperer Learn the Secret Language of Digestive Distress and Tame Your Troubled Tummy Once and For All
    Bloated Belly Whisperer Learn the Secret Language of Digestive Distress and Tame Your Troubled Tummy Once and For All
    With 50 recipes from former Bon Appetit editor and cookbook author Kristine Kidd

    Bloating: ugh. About the most common complaint they get from patients, according to gastroenterologists. But Tamara Duker Freuman, a highly trained and sought-after nutritionist, knows something many doctors don't: every unhappy belly is unhappy in its own way. That's why Tamara's clients call her "The Bloated Belly Whisperer," and for good reason-for many years she's successfully helped her clients accurately describe their symptoms, and find a course of treatment that delivers rapid and lasting relief.

    In this book, Tamara guides readers through the same steps she would use in a consultation, first with a quiz to help them hone in on their specific symptoms, and then by discussing the latest research and patient stories to offer dozens of solutions that will reduce abdominal bloating in a week or less by:

    * Helping identify the specific cause of bloating
    * Equiping readers with the right terminology and questions to take to their next doctor's visit
    * Teaching the most effective dietary remedies for each particular brand of bloating
    * Laying out the tools and healthy practices to end abdominal distress and bloating once and for all

    ISBN: 9781250195234
    Publication date: 27/12/2018
    Price: $44.99
    Author: Freuman, Tamara Duker
    Format: Hard Back
    Price: $44.99
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