• Anxiety Cure Live a Life Free from Panic
    Anxiety Cure Live a Life Free from Panic
    Whether you suffer from panic attacks or general anxiety, Klaus Bernhardt's proven anxiety cure will help you lead a calmer, happier life fast.

    Using the latest research in neuroscience combined with the most useful elements of therapies such as CBT, hypnotherapy and positive psychology, The Anxiety Cure will introduce you to a powerful approach to stop anxiety in its tracks. Within just a few weeks, using tried and tested mind training and pattern breaker techniques, you will discover the real cause of your anxiety, learn to rewire negative thinking and completely transform your response to anxiety-inducing situations and thoughts.

    Klaus Bernhardt's methods have already been used by thousands of people to turn their lives around, and now this practical and easy-to-action book is your chance to take control, regain your confidence and live your life.

    ISBN: 9781785041938
    Publication date: 10/05/2018
    Price: $38.00
    Author: Bernhardt, Klaus
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $38.00
  • Anxiety Happens
    Anxiety Happens
    Break free from anxiety once and for all! From the authors of The Mindfulness and Acceptance Workbook for Anxiety, this powerful yet portable guide offers fifty-two in-the-moment mindfulness strategies you can use anytime, anywhere to cultivate calm and radically transform your life. We live in an age of anxiety, and studies show that it's only getting worse. Anxiety forces itself into our awareness and can deplete our energy, resources, and resolve. It screams "pay attention to me or else." We may confront it the moment we wake up in the morning, and it can even keep us from getting to sleep at night. In short, it can run our lives. But it doesn't have to be this way. Building on the success of The Mindfulness and Acceptance Workbook for Anxiety, this quick reference guide offers fifty-two simple tools and strategies one for each week of the year based in proven-effective acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) to help you break free from worry, fear, and panic. In addition to "in-the-moment" tools for staying calm, you'll learn about the underlying causes of your anxiety, why avoidance just doesn't work, how to move past your negative inner voice, and how focusing on your values can help you move past anxiety and live a rich, meaningful life. If like many people you're fed up with anxiety getting in the way of living your life, the powerful little exercises in this guide will show you how to break the cycle of anxiety for good.

    ISBN: 9781684031108
    Publication date: 01/04/2018
    Price: $34.99
    Author: Forsyth, John P.
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $34.99
  • Arsonist a Mind on Fire
    Arsonist a Mind on Fire
    On the scorching February day in 2009 that became known as Black Saturday, a man lit two fires in Victoria's Latrobe Valley, then sat on the roof of his house to watch the inferno. In the Valley, where the rates of crime were the highest in the state, more than thirty people were known to police as firebugs. But the detectives soon found themselves on the trail of a man they didn't know.

    The Arsonist takes readers on the hunt for this man, and inside the strange puzzle of his mind. It is also the story of fire in this country, and of a community that owed its existence to that very element. The command of fire has defined and sustained us as a species - understanding its abuse will define our future.

    A powerful real-life thriller written with Hooper's trademark lyric detail and nuance, The Arsonist is a reminder that in an age of fire, all of us are gatekeepers.

    ISBN: 9781760895242
    Publication date: 03/12/2019
    Price: $26.00
    Author: Hooper, Chloe
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $26.00
  • Art of Flaneuring How to Wander with Intention and Discover a Better Life
    Art of Flaneuring How to Wander with Intention and Discover a Better Life
    A fun and practical guide to cultivating a more mindful and fulfilling everyday life by tapping into your inner flaneur-perfect for fans of Marie Kondo and The Little Book of Hygge.

    Have you ever been walking home from work and unexpectedly took a different path just to learn more about your neighborhood? Or have you been on a vacation and walked around a new city just to take it all in? Then chances are, you're a flaneur and you didn't even know it! Originally used to describe well-to-do French men who would stroll city streets in the nineteenth century, flaneur has evolved to generally mean someone who wanders with intention. Even if you've already embraced being a flaneur, did you know that flaneuring has benefits beyond satisfying your craving for wanderlust?

    In The Art of Flaneuring, discover the many ways flaneuring can spark creativity, support a more mindful mentality, and improve your overall well-being, including:

    -How flaneuring your mundane daily routine can boost your mental health
    -Why flaneuring isn't just for jet-setters-you can flaneur anywhere!
    -How to manage your stress at the office by doing fun flaneur-inspired activities
    -How to use flaneuring to connect on a deeper level with your friends and partner
    -And so much more!

    With this practical and engaging guide, you can learn how to channel your inner flaneur and cultivate a more creative, fulfilling, and mindful everyday life.

    ISBN: 9781982133511
    Publication date: 31/10/2019
    Price: $35.00
    Author: Owen, Erika
    Format: Hard Back
    Price: $35.00
  • Art of Gathering
    Art of Gathering
    We spend our lives gathering - first in classrooms and then in meetings, weddings, conferences and away days. Yet so many of us spend this time in underwhelming moments that fail to engage us, inspire us, or connect us. We've all sat in meetings where people talk past each other or go through the motions and others which galvanize a team and remind everyone why they first took the job. We've been to weddings that were deeply moving and others that were run-of-the-mill and simply faded away.

    Why do some moments take off and others fizzle? What's the difference between the gatherings that inspire you and the ones that don't?

    In The Art of Gathering, Priya Parker gets to the heart of these questions and reveals how to design a transformative gathering. An expert on organizing successful gatherings whether in conference centres or her living room, Parker shows us how to create moving, magical, mind-changing experiences - even in spaces where we've come to expect little.

    ISBN: 9780241973837
    Publication date: 17/05/2018
    Price: $40.00
    Author: Parker, Priya
    Format: Trade Paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • Art of Japanese Living
    Art of Japanese Living
    Learn the Japanese secrets to finding calm, contentment and happiness. With its roots in Buddhist thinking, Japanese culture is known for its sincere and mindful approach to life. From ikigai (finding your purpose) to ikebana (the art of flower arranging), Japanese ways offer the wider world the promise of peacefulness and inspiration. Discover all these things and more inside this beautiful volume. Including tips on mindfulness and clear thought, finding contentment, and doing more with less, this book will be your guide to the land of the rising sun, and help you to live a rich, joyful and thoughtful life. SELLING POINTS: With the rise in popularity of mindful living, more people are inspired and fascinated by Japanese culture. This beautiful lifestyle book is packed with stunning photographs, tips and guidance, encapsulating the essential practices of Japan.

    ISBN: 9781787830301
    Publication date: 10/10/2019
    Price: $34.99
    Author: Peters, Jo
    Format: Hard Back
    Price: $34.99
  • Art of Life Admin
    Art of Life Admin
    Every day, an unseen form of labour creeps into our lives, stealing precious moments of free time, placing a strain on our schedules, our relationships and our sanity, and recouping neither appreciation nor compensation in return.This labour is admin - the kind of secretarial and managerial work necessary to run a life and a household- from scheduling doctor's appointments to planning a wedding, researching schools, filling out paperwork and paying bills. In The Art of Life Admin, Elizabeth Emens reveals the insidious nature of these tasks that pile up in the margins of our lives, dismissed as trivial or insignificant, unrecognized and unrewarded. In a compelling, and wholly original manner, Emens tackles the problem of admin in all its guises, explores how this form of labour is created, how it affects our lives and how we might avoid, reduce and redistribute admin whenever possible.Drawing on her own personal struggle with admin and the stories of others, Emens offers a valuable new perspective into how we - through individual and societal choices, changes in law and policy, creation of market alternatives and increased awareness in the workplace - can take back control of our time, once and for all.Reading this book should be at the top of your To Do list.

    ISBN: 9780241972496
    Publication date: 03/01/2019
    Price: $38.00
    Author: Emens, Elizabeth
    Format: Hard Back
    Price: $38.00
  • Art of Making Memories How to Create and Remember Happy Moments
    Art of Making Memories How to Create and Remember Happy Moments
    Every year, we are given a fixed number of days. Some days pass us by without leaving a trace and some days we remember forever.

    Do you remember your first kiss? Or how the first rays of the spring sun feel? Or how about the best meal you ever had?These memorable experiences are characterized by intensity of perception, depth of feeling, or sense of profound significance causing them to stand out in our mind and involve a heightened sense of wonder and awe.

    But what ingredients produce these happy memories? Why is it that a piece of music, a smell, a taste can take us back to something we had forgotten? And can we learn to create happy memories and be better at holding on to them?

    Combining research on happiness and mnemonics (learning techniques that aids memory retention or retrieval) Meik Wiking explores how peak experiences are made, stored and remembered. Using data and diaries, interviews, global surveys and studies, and conducting real-life behavioural science and happiness experiments, The Happiness Research Institute will answer how we can we create perfect moments. Moments that will go down in history. Moments that will shape who we are.

    ISBN: 9780241376058
    Publication date: 19/09/2019
    Price: $35.00
    Author: Wiking, Meik
    Format: Hard Back
    Price: $35.00
  • Art of Rest How to Find Respite in the Modern Age
    Art of Rest How to Find Respite in the Modern Age
    Today busyness has become a badge of honour. We want to say we're busy, yet at the same time we feel exhausted. Instead we should start taking rest seriously as a method of self-care and this book can help us to work out how.

    The Art of Rest draws on ground-breaking research Claudia Hammond collaborated on - 'The Rest Test' - the largest global survey into rest ever undertaken, which was completed by 18,000 people across 135 different countries. Much of value has been written about sleep, but rest is different; it is how we unwind, calm our minds and recharge our bodies. And, as the survey revealed, how much rest you get is directly linked to your sense of well-being.

    Counting down through the top ten activities which people find most restful, Hammond explains why rest matters, examines the science behind the results to establish what really works and offers a roadmap for a new, more restful and balanced life.

    ISBN: 9781786892836
    Publication date: 05/12/2019
    Price: $32.99
    Author: Hammond, Claudia
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $32.99
  • Art of Simple Living
    Art of Simple Living
    The road to a balanced and meaningful life is different for each of us, and in such a busy world we can often lose sight of what that actually means.

    In THE ART OF SIMPLE LIVING, you'll find a collection of exercises that will show you how to simplify your life, and reflections that will help you to appreciate the "little things" that often pass us by.

    From tips on letting go of negativity, to appreciating the relaxation of a warm bath, this book will be your gentle guide to a more manageable and meaningful life.

    ISBN: 9780753733790
    Publication date: 04/07/2019
    Price: $19.99
    Author: Gauding, Madonna
    Format: Hard Back
    Price: $19.99
  • Art of Sleeping
    Art of Sleeping
    The secret to sleeping better at night for a happier, calmer, more successful day.

    The Art of Sleeping takes the reader on a journey that starts with finding your sleep base and identifies the issues that are contributing to their lack of slumber.

    Using the author's personal experience, the latest scientific research, and expert advice, The Art of Sleeping will work through the three key pillars of a good night's sleep: behaviour, environment and diet (BED).

    By the end of the book, readers will be equipped with greater knowledge and techniques to aid sleep and relaxation and live a happier, calmer and more successful life.

    ISBN: 9780008339364
    Publication date: 21/10/2019
    Price: $25.00
    Author: Hobson, Rob
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $25.00
  • Art of the Wasted Day
    Art of the Wasted Day
    A sharp and unconventional book - a swirl of memoir, travelogue and biography of some of history's champion day-dreamers." -Maureen Corrigan, "Fresh Air" A spirited inquiry into the lost value of leisure and daydream The Art of the Wasted Day is a picaresque travelogue of leisure written from a lifelong enchantment with solitude. Patricia Hampl visits the homes of historic exemplars of ease who made repose a goal, even an art form. She begins with two celebrated eighteenth-century Irish ladies who ran off to live a life of "retirement" in rural Wales. Her search then leads to Moravia to consider the monk-geneticist, Gregor Mendel, and finally to Bordeaux for Michel Montaigne--the hero of this book--who retreated from court life to sit in his chateau tower and write about whatever passed through his mind, thus inventing the personal essay. Hampl's own life winds through these pilgrimages, from childhood days lazing under a neighbor's beechnut tree, to a fascination with monastic life, and then to love--and the loss of that love which forms this book's silver thread of inquiry. Finally, a remembered journey down the Mississippi near home in an old cabin cruiser with her husband turns out, after all her international quests, to be the great adventure of her life. The real job of being human, Hampl finds, is getting lost in thought, something only leisure can provide. The Art of the Wasted Day is a compelling celebration of the purpose and appeal of letting go.

    ISBN: 9780143132882
    Publication date: 18/04/2019
    Price: $35.00
    Author: Hampl, Patricia
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $35.00
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