• Make It Happen Manifest the Life of Your Dreams
    Make It Happen Manifest the Life of Your Dreams
    'Like a best friend, Jordanna will hold your hand and guide you towards your dream life.' - Melissa Ambrosini, bestselling author of Mastering Your Mean Girl

    'Witty, practical and laugh out loud funny.' - Cassie Mendoza-Jones, You Are Enough

    Everyone can manifest. We're all doing it-every second of every day-without even realising it.

    For years, journalist and podcaster Jordanna Levin thought that she was psychic. She would worry about things and they would come true. But she wouldn't just worry; she would feel them, take subconscious action towards them and believe with every cell of her being that they would happen-and most of the time, they did. A broken foot, a cancelled flight, a tragic love story... the list went on. She soon realised that she wasn't just predicting the future, she was manifesting it. Until one day she changed the game. If she could manifest mishaps and disasters, why not the things she actually wanted?

    In this warm and witty book, Jordanna shares her personal experiences and struggles along with her foolproof equation for manifesting whatever you desire, from your dream job to a lasting relationship. Whether you're a matter-of-fact skeptic or a somewhat hippie yoga-lover, Make It Happen will empower you to take ownership of your life and create anything you want.

    ISBN: 9781760524364
    Publication date: 06/05/2019
    Price: $36.99
    Author: Levin, Jordanna
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $36.99
  • Making It Up Makeup Minus the Rules
    Making It Up Makeup Minus the Rules
    Making It Up is a visually stunning, 'must have' beauty/makeup 'bible' for not just the avid makeup and beauty followers (aka 'junkies') but an essential tool for the makeup and beauty 'novice'. This book embraces diversity and experimentation but is filled with beautiful images the reader can relate to. Regardless of gender, race or age, Nicole encourages you to experiment after all, make up wipes off!

    ISBN: 9781921024993
    Publication date: 01/10/2018
    Price: $49.99
    Author: Thompson, Nicole
    Format: Hard Back
    Price: $49.99
  • Manage Your Pain Practical and Positive Ways of Adapting to Chronic Pain
    Manage Your Pain Practical and Positive Ways of Adapting to Chronic Pain
    Practical and positive ways of adapting to chronic pain. Chronic pain has been described as a silent epidemic. More than one in ten people - over ten per cent of the population - suffer from persisting pain. Over the last month, how often have you: 1. taken pain killers so you could do something you know would stir up your pain? 2. completed a task, regardless of pain, then 'paid' for it later with more pain? 3. found that pain is interfering with your sleep, work, sport and social activities? 4. had one or more long rest periods during the day because of your pain? 5. felt you cannot go on as your pain gets worse 6. worried that your doctors have 'missed something'? 7. been told to 'live with the pain' but not shown how to do it? If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, then MANAGE YOUR PAIN will help to improve your life. All too frequently, chronic pain cannot be successfully treated - and drugs are not always the answer. But the combination of approaches provided by MANAGE YOUR PAIN can help you learn to minimise the impact of pain, and put persisting pain where it belongs - in the background of your life.

    ISBN: 9780733330247
    Publication date: 01/10/2011
    Price: $39.99
    Author: Nicholas, Michael
    Format: Trade Paperback
    Price: $39.99
  • Maybe You Should Talk to Someone: a Therapist, Her Therapist, and Our Lives Revealed
    Maybe You Should Talk to Someone: a Therapist, Her Therapist, and Our Lives Revealed

    Ever wonder what your therapist is really thinking? Now you can find out ...

    Meet Lori Gottlieb, an insightful and compassionate therapist whose clients present with all kinds of problems. There's the struggling new parents; the older woman who feels she has nothing to live for; the self-destructive young alcoholic; and the terminally ill 35-year-old newlywed. And there's John, a narcissistic television producer, who frankly just seems to be a bit of a jerk. Over the course of a year, they all make progress.

    But Gottlieb is not just a therapist - she's also a patient who's on a journey of her own. Interspersed with the stories of her clients are her own therapy sessions, as Gottlieb goes in search of the hidden roots of a devastating and life-changing event.

    Personal, revealing, funny, and wise, Maybe You Should Talk to Someone opens a rare window onto a world that is most often bound by secrecy, offering an illuminating tour of a profoundly private process.

    'If you have even an ounce of interest in the therapeutic process, or in the conundrum of being human, you must read this book. It is wise, warm, smart and funny, and Lori Gottlieb is exceedingly good company.'
    - Susan Cain, New York Times bestselling author of Quiet

    'I've been reading books about psychotherapy for over a half century, but never have I encountered a book like Maybe You Should Talk to Someone- so bold and brassy, so packed with good stories, so honest, deep and riveting. I intended to read a chapter or two but ended up reading and relishing every word.'
    - Irvin Yalom MD, author of Love's Executioner, and other Tales of Psychotherapy, and professor emeritus of psychiatry at Stanford University

    'Maybe You Should Talk to Someone is funny, hopeful, wise, and engrossing - all at the same time. Lori Gottlieb takes us inside the most intimate of encounters as both clinician and patient and leaves us with a surprisingly fresh understanding of ourselves, one another, and the human condition. This is a daring, delightful, and transformative book.'
    - Arianna Huffington, founder of Huffington Post and founder & CEO of Thrive Global

    ISBN: 9781925322811
    Publication date: 07/05/2019
    Price: $40.00
    Author: Gottlieb, Lori
    Format: Trade Paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • Men Making Changes
    Men Making Changes
    Men Making Changes will help New Zealand men to become the partners and fathers they want to be, and that their families long for them to be.

    A practical, strength-based book for men to create lasting change. Includes information, checklists, strategies for change and self-reflection questions. 30 New Zealand men who have worked at changing destructive behaviour were interviewed for Men Making Changes. Their stories, insights and guidance are woven throughout.

    There is a special section of guidance for women readers who are living with partners who use destructive behaviour and a chapter on children and parenting. Men Making Changes is endorsed by several well-known overseas therapists and authors.

    ISBN: 9780473529789
    Publication date: 08/09/2020
    Price: $30.00
    Author: Kay, Douglas
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Menopause the Change for the Better
    Menopause the Change for the Better
    Why is talking about the menopause so taboo? When it's something that all women experience, and all in their own unique way. Written by a range of expert contributors from clinical professionals to natural practitioners, this comprehensive and thoroughly researched guide equips you with everything you need to help prepare for the changes ahead.

    Reflecting the latest NICE guidelines and information about HRT, this book provides a balanced view and encourages you to explore the options and think about what's right for you.

    Covering the facts, the myths, different approaches to menopause, including natural and medical options, and what to expect. Also included are quotes and stories from women sharing their own experiences. You've been through puberty and survived. You're about to enter a new phase of your life, and it's up to you how you approach it. So grab a cup or glass of something, have a flick through this guide and let's start talking about the menopause.

    Expert contributors include: Dr Louise Newson, Dr Marilyn Glenville, Dr Heather Currie, Dr Karen Morton, Dr Marion Gluck, Kathryn Peden, Katherine Bellchambers, Pamela Windle and other specialists in their field.

    ISBN: 9781472948731
    Publication date: 03/05/2018
    Price: $32.99
    Author: Garlick, Deborah
    Format: Trade Paperback
    Price: $32.99
  • Mentors How to Help and be Helped
    Mentors How to Help and be Helped
    Could happiness lie in helping others and being open to accepting help yourself?

    Mentors - the follow up to Sunday Times number one bestseller, Recovery - describes the benefits of seeking and offering help.

    'I have mentors in every area of my life, as a comic, a dad, a recovering drug addict, a spiritual being and as a man who believes that we, as individuals and the great globe itself, are works in progress and that through a chain of mentorship we can improve individually and globally, together... One of the unexpected advantages my drug addiction granted is that the process of recovery that I practise includes a mentorship tradition.

    I will encourage you to find mentors of your own and explain how you may better use the ones you already have. Furthermore, I will tell you about my experiences mentoring others and how invaluable that has been on my ongoing journey to self-acceptance and how it has helped me to transform from a bewildered and volatile vagabond to a (mostly) present and (usually) focussed husband and father.' Russell Brand

    Mentors: How to Help and Be Helped describes the impact that a series of significant people have had on the author - from the wayward youths he tried to emulate growing up in Essex, through the first ex-junkie sage, to the people he turns to today to help him be a better father. It explores how we all - consciously and unconsciously - choose guides, mentors and heroes throughout our lives and examines the new perspectives they can bring.

    ISBN: 9781509850884
    Publication date: 24/01/2019
    Price: $27.99
    Author: Brand, Russell
    Format: Hard Back
    Price: $27.99
  • Mind Over Mood: Change How You Feel by Changing the Way You Think
    Mind Over Mood: Change How You Feel by Changing the Way You Think
    Discover simple yet powerful steps you can take to overcome emotional distress--and feel happier, calmer, and more confident. This life-changing book has already helped more than 1,100,000 readers use cognitive-behavioral therapy--one of today's most effective forms of psychotherapy--to conquer depression, anxiety, panic attacks, anger, guilt, shame, low self-esteem, eating disorders, substance abuse, and relationship problems. Revised and expanded to reflect significant scientific developments of the past 20 years, the second edition contains numerous new features: expanded content on anxiety; chapters on setting personal goals and maintaining progress; happiness rating scales; gratitude journals; innovative exercises focused on mindfulness, acceptance, and forgiveness; 25 new worksheets; and much more.

    Mind Over Mood will help you:
    *Learn proven, powerful, practical strategies to transform your life.
    *Follow step-by-step plans to overcome depression, anxiety, anger, guilt, and shame.
    *Set doable personal goals and track your progress (you can photocopy the worksheets from the book or download and print additional copies).
    *Practice your new skills until they become second nature.

    Cited as "The Most Influential Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Publication" by the British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies and included in the UK National Health Service Bibliotherapy Program.

    Winner (Second Place)--American Journal of Nursing Book of the Year Award, Consumer Health Category

    See also the Spanish-language edition: El control de tu estado de animo, Segunda edicion.

    ISBN: 9781462520428
    Publication date: 01/10/2015
    Edition: 2
    Price: $69.99
    Author: Greenberger/Padesky
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $69.99
  • Mindfulness at Work How to Avoid Stress Achieve More and Enjoy Life
    Mindfulness at Work How to Avoid Stress Achieve More and Enjoy Life
    'Mindfulness at Work' reveals how the practice of mindfulness - the ability to focus our attention on what is rather than be distracted by what isn't - can be a powerful antidote to the distractions and stresses of our modern lives, especially our working lives. So, if you want to:
    * reduce your stress
    * become more productive
    * improve your decision-making skills
    * enjoy better relationships with your colleagues
    * work more creatively
    * develop your leadership skills, and
    * generally enjoy your job more ...
    then mindfulness can help!

    Written by an expert with years of both clinical and personal experience, 'Mindfulness at Work' includes examples of mindfulness in action in the workplace, while also looking at how the principles of mindfulness can be applied to specific professions, from sales and marketing to teaching, from law to medicine, from the trades to the creative arts.

    ISBN: 9781921966194
    Publication date: 01/07/2013
    Price: $29.99
    Author: Mckenzie, Dr Stephen
    Format: Trade Paperback
    Price: $29.99
  • Mindfulness Box Set
    Mindfulness Box Set
    Instant Meditations, a practical and accessible guide to the most effective meditation techniques from ancient and modern traditions.

    Simple Wisdom, a collection of thought-provoking quotes from artists, writers, philosophers, and pop-culture icons from around the world and across the ages that will challenge you to reflect on your own path to wisdom.

    Secrets of Serenity, a compilation of the inspiring thoughts of writers, philosophers, scholars, theologians, and leaders who have sought -- and found-- the secrets of serenity, offering you a guide for finding peace in your own heart, mind, and soul.

    This guide book and two compilations of quotes on which to meditation and ruminate offers readers a simple way to pause, be in the moment, and find calm.

    ISBN: 9780762468188
    Publication date: 03/12/2019
    Price: $21.99
    Author: Press, Running
    Format: Boxed Set
    Price: $21.99
  • Mindfulness Edge How to Rewire Your Brain for Leadership and Personal Excellence Without Adding to Your Schedule
    Mindfulness Edge How to Rewire Your Brain for Leadership and Personal Excellence Without Adding to Your Schedule
    The one habit that can improve almost every leadership skill
    There is a simple practice that can improve nearly every component of leadership excellence and it doesn't require adding anything to your busy schedule. In The Mindfulness Edge, you'll discover how a subtle inner shift, called mindfulness, can transform things that you already do every day into opportunities to become a better leader. Author Matt Tenney has trained leaders around the world in the practice of mindfulness. In this book, he partners with neuroscientist Tim Gard, PhD, to offer step-by-step, practical guidance for quickly and seamlessly integrating mindfulness training into your daily life-rewiring your brain in ways that improve both the 'hard' and 'soft' skills of leadership.

    In this book, you'll learn how mindfulness training helps you:

    Quickly improve business acumen and your impact on the bottom line

    Become more innovative and attract/retain innovative team members

    Develop the emotional intelligence essential for creating and sustaining a winning culture

    Realize the extraordinary leadership presence that inspires greatness in others

    The authors make a compelling case for why mindfulness training may be the 'ultimate success habit.' In addition to helping you improve the most essential elements of highly effective leadership, mindfulness training can help you discover unconditional happiness and realize incredible meaning-professionally and personally.

    ISBN: 9781119183181
    Publication date: 26/02/2016
    Price: $44.99
    Author: Tenney, Matt And Gard, Tim
    Format: Hard Back
    Price: $44.99
  • Mindfulness for Health a Practical Guide to Relieving Pain, Reducing Stress and Restoring Wellbeing
    Mindfulness for Health a Practical Guide to Relieving Pain, Reducing Stress and Restoring Wellbeing
    WINNER OF BEST BOOK (POPULAR MEDICINE) AT THE BRITISH MEDICAL ASSOCIATION'S BOOK AWARDS 2014 Pain, suffering and stress can be intolerable - but it doesn't have to be this way. Mindfulness for Health reveals a series of simple practices that you can incorporate into your daily life to relieve chronic pain and the suffering and stress of illness. Clinical trials show that mindfulness meditation can be as effective as prescription painkillers and also enhances the body's natural healing systems. Mindfulness can also reduce the anxiety, depression, irritability, exhaustion and insomnia that can arise from chronic pain and illness. Mindfulness for Health is based on a unique meditation programme developed by Vidyamala Burch to help her cope with the severe pain of spinal injury. Taught at Breathworks in the UK - and its affiliates around the world - this programme has helped tens of thousands of people cope with pain, illness and stress. Breathworks' pioneering approach is praised by Professor Mark Williams of Oxford University, Jon Kabat-Zinn and Professor Lance McCracken of King's College London. The eight-week programme at the heart of this book takes just 10-20 minutes per day.
    It is particularly effective for the biggest causes of pain - back problems, arthritis, migraine and diabetes but works equally well for cancer (and its associated chemotherapy), heart disease, fibromyalgia, celiac disease, lupus, chronic fatigue syndrome, IBS, labour pain and even tinnitus. You will be surprised by how quickly your suffering melts away, leaving you able to live life to the full again.

    ISBN: 9780749959241
    Publication date: 05/09/2013
    Price: $39.99
    Author: Burch, Vidyamala And Penman, Danny
    Format: Trade Paperback
    Price: $39.99
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