• Little Book of Wonder
    Little Book of Wonder
    When was the last time you felt 'wonder'? The feeling of amazement and admiration, caused by something beautiful, remarkable, or unfamiliar is one that, as children, we experienced often. But as adults we have grown tired and cynical and spend more time looking down at our phones than looking up at the sky. We no longer experience the power of awe nor its proven benefits.

    The Little Book of Wonder encourages you to be creative, feel curious and seek wonder in the world around us. Focussed around seven themes, echoing the seven wonders of the world, the book will explore:
    1. The Wonder of You
    2. Into the Woods
    3. Curious
    4. Magic
    5. Creativity
    6. The Road Less Travelled
    7. Positivity

    ISBN: 9781409183013
    Publication date: 30/10/2018
    Price: $19.99
    Author: Russell, Bernadette
    Format: Hard Back
    Price: $19.99
  • Little Book of Yes How to win friends, boost your confidence and persuade others
    Little Book of Yes How to win friends, boost your confidence and persuade others
    This travel-sized handbook will become your go-to key for ensuring that the world says 'yes' to you, your ideas and your requests.

    We all want to hear 'yes'. 'Yes' connects us to the world, and carries us into the future. So why do we find it so hard to get others to agree? And how can we improve our chances?

    The Little Book of Yes contains 21 short essays that outline a range of effective persuasion strategies, each proven to increase the chances that someone will agree to your request. That someone could be a friend, a colleague, a partner, a lover, a manager, a sibling, a parent, even a stranger. The timeless principles and practical lessons in this collection can be used to tackle a variety of everyday challenges, from repairing a soured relationship to negotiating a higher fee for your work, from convincing a dithering friend to take action, to building your social network and personal brand.

    Full of wisdom from the leaders in influence, with carefully curated advice, this little book is essential reading for any freelancer, manager, entrepreneur, parent or person who wants more from their world.

    ISBN: 9781788160568
    Publication date: 02/08/2018
    Price: $14.99
    Author: Goldstein, Noah
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $14.99
  • Little Book of Yoga Practices
    Little Book of Yoga Practices
    From one-minute miracles to daily routines, this guide to the micro practice of yoga has you covered.

    Not everyone can get to a yoga studio, so let The Little Book of Yoga Practices be your portable guide. From one-minute miracles to daily routines, this guide to the micro practice of yoga has you covered. With yoga routines for any time of day, perfecting your balance and relaxing your body has never been simpler. Flip to poses that will target key emotions, or follow the monthly guide, the choice is yours. With easy-to-follow poses just a page turn away, you'll have one less reason to skip your daily workout.

    ISBN: 9781604339291
    Publication date: 01/03/2020
    Price: $28.99
    Author: Scott, Rachel
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $28.99
  • Little Somethings and Smackerels for Food Lovers
    Little Somethings and Smackerels for Food Lovers
    ‘What do you like doing best in the world, Pooh?’ ‘What I like best in the whole world is Me and Piglet going to see You, and You saying, ‘What about a little something?’ and Me saying, ‘Well, I shouldn’t mind a little something, should you, Piglet.’ Winnie-the-Pooh has never been shy about his love of good food especially when his friends offer him a little smackerel of something or other. If you know, or even are, a real food lover, then this is the perfect little gift for you. Filled with A.A.Milne’s most delicious quotes and E.H.Shepard’s tempting drawings, you’ll soon find yourself drooling over a honey pot or two. It is part of a brand-new range of Winnie-the-Pooh gift books for adults - a beautifully presented range of four books to collect and enjoy!

    ISBN: 9781780318950
    Publication date: 01/12/2018
    Price: $19.99
    Author: Milne, A. A.
    Format: Hard Back
    Price: $19.99
  • Live Green 52 steps for a more sustainable life
    Live Green 52 steps for a more sustainable life
    Many of us are already doing what we can to adopt a greener lifestyle. We recycle, try to reduce our waste and plastics, choose organic food when shopping, eat less meat and opt for environmentally friendly cleaning products. Yet we often wish we were doing more and it can be overwhelming to know where to start.

    Live Green is a practical guide of 52 changes - one for each week of the year - you can make to your home and lifestyle to reduce your impact on the environment. Tackling all areas of your life from your cleaning routine, home furnishings, food shopping, fashion choices, natural beauty and Christmas, this book has all the ingredients to help you achieve a more sustainable year.

    From making your own eco-friendly cleaning products, buying vintage furniture, making your own moth repellent and improving your natural beauty regime to creating a capsule wardrobe and creating your own ethical Christmas decorations - discover how to get the most out of life by living with intention.

    Live simply. Live Green.

    ISBN: 9781787133198
    Publication date: 01/01/2019
    Price: $17.99
    Author: Chillingsworth, Jen
    Format: Hard Back
    Price: $17.99
  • Live Happy
    Live Happy
    Part self-help book, part psychology primer, Live Happy features 100 pieces of advice on leading a life of contentment.

    A distillation of the latest research into happiness, this is a guide to the tools and strategies most likely to make you happy. Informative, factual, accessible, and scientifically rigorous, Live Happy gives the best available advice across a range of situations and activities that are relevant to our happiness.

    Advice featured ranges from simple lifestyle changes, such as taking up a new hobby and spending time in the garden, to more abstract long-term goals, such as improving your luck and putting value in experiences. Presenting recent psychological and scientific studies as practical steps for the reader to take, Live Happy offers the perfect mix of practical and aspirational.

    ISBN: 9781911130932
    Publication date: 17/01/2019
    Price: $21.99
    Author: Boniwell, Ilona
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $21.99
  • Live More Think Less Overcoming Depression and Sadness with Metacognitive Therapy
    Live More Think Less Overcoming Depression and Sadness with Metacognitive Therapy
    Live More Think Less presents strategies for regaining control over your thoughts - learning not only how to overcome depression, but how to avoid developing it altogether.

    Many of us believe that the best way to treat crises and challenges is to process them: to mull over and analyse the stresses, anxieties and traumas we face. But this perception is misguided. Instead, we should think of our mind as a sieve, through which everything slips unless we choose to hold onto it. But how do we let go of those negative thoughts we've held onto which are weighing us down?

    The first practical book on metacognitive therapy - a groundbreaking new treatment for depression - Live More Think Less presents guidance, case studies, and exercises and tips from the therapy room. Dr Pia Callesen shows us that depression is not an inevitable disease, but something which we can learn to control and prevent, by living more and thinking less.

    ISBN: 9781785785542
    Publication date: 02/01/2020
    Price: $32.99
    Author: Callesen, Pia
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $32.99
  • Living With a Black Dog: His Name Is Depression
    Living With a Black Dog: His Name Is Depression
    Millions of people will suffer from depression at some stage in their life. When the Black Dog comes to live with them, it also moves in with their loved ones – who may not have the tools to help support the sufferer while looking after their own wellbeing.

    Living With A Black Dog is Matthew and Ainsley Johnstone's illustrated, must-have guide for the partners, family, friends and colleagues of depression sufferers. It includes practical advice about recognising the symptoms of depression in a loved one, living with a depressed person and helping them to tame their Black Dog. Matthew and Ainsley also provide tips on self-preservation for carers, so they don't come to adopt a Black Dog of their own.

    A companion book to I Had a Black Dog, Living With A Black Dog is a moving, thoughtful and often amusing guide for people living with someone who suffers from depression.

    ISBN: 9780330423717
    Publication date: 01/04/2008
    Price: $24.99
    Author: Johnstone, Matthew
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $24.99
  • Lovable A Journal for Practicing Self-Love and Embracing the Irresistible Person You Are
    Lovable A Journal for Practicing Self-Love and Embracing the Irresistible Person You Are
    A journal for acceptance and self-love

    Part of our successful full-color journal series, Lovable helps readers come to a place of self-love and acceptance through insightful prompts and inspiring quotations.

    ISBN: 9781250228901
    Publication date: 21/01/2020
    Price: $27.99
    Author: Hayes, Nadia
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $27.99
  • Love and Loss
    Love and Loss
    Time gives us the wisdom to realise a mother's sacrifice, a father's love, a friend's loyalty, or a grandparent's kindness, as loss and love turn to memory. Often as time passes, we can find ourselves looking back at moments in our lives and only then truly being able to explore the defining moments and complex feelings and emotions that make us who we are. These 25 stories of loss and love from around the world are inspiring, brave and heartbreaking reminders of what is most important: life, love, memory, beauty. As author John Green once said, 'You can love someone so much ... But you can never love people as much as you can miss them.' These real-life stories are moments in people's lives that show us the importance of forgiving, the tragedy in forgetting and the turmoil of moving on. From a wife in the heart of South Africa, reminiscing on her husband being taken by the river; to an Australian woman contemplating the childhood loss of her baby siblings from a new perspective; or the slow burn of unrequited childhood love in 1950s Canada and more, see how loved ones are honoured in this gripping compilation. Interspersed with apt quotes by people as diverse as Beethoven, Abraham Lincoln, Dr Seuss, John Lennon and C.S. Lewis, this is a book that can be read and connected with time and again. Here we can find the timeless wisdom in what makes us all profoundly human.

    ISBN: 9781925820072
    Publication date: 01/03/2020
    Price: $29.99
    Author: Hollis, Renee
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $29.99
  • Lucky Cat: Bearer of Good Fortune
    Lucky Cat: Bearer of Good Fortune
    Originating in Japanese culture, Lucky Cat, or maneki-neko, is regarded as a charm that brings good fortune to its owner. Included herein is a mini Lucky Cat figure with motorized arm and a 32-page illustrated book on the history of this ancient talisman.

    ISBN: 9780762459445
    Publication date: 22/03/2016
    Price: $19.99
    Author: Selber, Danielle
    Format: Not Applicable
    Price: $19.99
  • M Word How to Thrive in Menopause
    M Word How to Thrive in Menopause
    Night sweats, hot flushes, anxiety, insomnia, exhaustion, itchy skin, low libido, painful sex ... Any of these sound familiar? Ninety per cent of women experience these symptoms some time between the ages of 40 and 60, but shhhhhhh ... just suck it up, princess. And nobody mention the M word.

    Menopause and perimenopause (the hormonal rollercoaster years leading up to a woman's last period) are among our last taboo subjects. Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) - once widely prescribed as the magical secret of youth - has been shunned by women and their doctors for two decades. Dr Ginni Mansberg, one of Australia's most trusted health and wellbeing experts, is here to work through the evidence and bust the taboos out of the water.

    The M Word is all about you and your choices. Are you being offered the best solutions for your menopause issues? Because there are great solutions to help you thrive in this new stage of life.

    What happens to your body once key hormones begin to diminish? What are the pros and cons of HRT? Which home remedies are worth a shot, and which are snake oil? Plus, how can you shift that menopause weight gain, what's best for your changing skin, how can you exercise your brain (move over, Sudoku) and why are you so bloody itchy all the time? All of this and more is delivered with Dr Ginni's no-nonsense humour and backed up with evidence-based facts and personal anecdotes to help women make informed choices.

    ISBN: 9781760524876
    Publication date: 07/01/2020
    Price: $36.99
    Author: Mansberg, Ginni
    Format: Trade Paperback
    Price: $36.99
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