• Beethoven the Man Revealed

    Beethoven the Man Revealed
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    You know the music... but do you know the man?
    Ludwig van Beethoven is one of the world's best loved and most influential composers. His life - its dramas, conflicts, loves and losses - is played out in his music.
    Now John Suchet shows us the man behind the music in this compelling biography of a musical genius. He reveals a difficult and complex character, struggling to continue his profession as musician despite increasing deafness, alienating friends with unprovoked outbursts of anger one moment, overwhelming them with excessive kindness and generosity the next, living in
    a city in almost constant disarray because of war with France.
    This is the real Beethoven, and Suchet brings him faithfully and vividly to life.

    ISBN: 9781783964963
    Publication date: 13/02/2020
    Price: $26.99
    Author: Suchet, John
    Format: Paperback
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