• Botanicals
    Botanicals (Just Draw) presents a collection of 90 beautiful botanical images by contemporary artists from around the world. Dip-in for advice or flick through the pages for inspiration.
    Each image is accompanied by a short introduction, information on the approaches, techniques and tools used, and useful tips. Advice covers composition, colour, painting techniques and
    tips for working with plants. This is the perfect guide for artists and art lovers alike.

    ISBN: 9780711251328
    Publication date: 07/01/2020
    Price: $27.99
    Author: Birch, Helen
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $27.99
  • Brain Science Colouring for agility and fast learning
    Brain Science Colouring for agility and fast learning
    While there are adult colouring books of every description available this book is drawn from the science behind using colouring to reduce stress.

    The fact is our brains get overwhelmed at times by the speed of life and bombardment of information. It is essential for our health and wellbeing to be able to draw upon our own resources to deal with stress when it comes along.

    Brain Science provides an easily used meditative technique to relax - which everyone can do - by using the unique technique of PATTERN, REPETITION, SINGLE FOCUS and CREATIVITY with no COMPETITIVE pressure in colouring-in. Brain Science taps into your own powerful inner resources controlled by your brain, to combat stress by engaging in an activity it remembers as both creative and relaxing - colouring in a meditative way that moves your brain to a more restful state.

    Allow the mind to relax and enjoy the meditative qualities that come from these exercises which thousands have already done and enjoyed the benefits.

    ISBN: 9781743796962
    Publication date: 16/09/2020
    Price: $22.99
    Author: Rodski, Dr. Stan
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $22.99
  • Cabin Porn Inside
    Cabin Porn Inside
    Initially created by a group of friends as an online scrapbook, Cabin Porn became a phenomenon following the publication of the first volume of photographs of hand-made homes in breathtaking natural landscapes around the world.

    This new book delves deeper into the best-loved homes featured on the blog over the last ten years, offering close-ups of the stunning architecture and interior design that make them truly remarkable. With more timeless photography and new design stories, Cabin Porn: Inside brings fresh inspiration for your quiet place somewhere.

    ISBN: 9780141990194
    Publication date: 01/10/2020
    Price: $30.00
    Author: Klein, Zach
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Cabinet of Curiosities  Large Cloth edition
    Cabinet of Curiosities Large Cloth edition
    The Wunderkammer, or "cabinet of curiosities," saw collectors gathering objects from many strands of artistic, scientific, and intellectual endeavor, in an ambitious attempt to encompass all of humankind's knowledge in a single room.

    From the Grand Duke Francesco I de' Medici and Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II to Archduke Ferdinand II of Habsburg, these aristocratic virtuosos acquired, selected, and displayed the objects in real-life catalogues that represented the entire world-spanning architecture, interior design, painting, sculpture, gemology, geology, botany, biology and taxonomy, astrology, alchemy, anthropology, ethnography, and history.

    Marvel at the unicorn horns (narwhal tusks), gems, rare coral growths, Murano glasswork, paintings and peculiar mechanical automata. Browse through illustrations of exotic and mythical creatures and discover the famed "Coburg ivories," an astounding collection of crafted artifacts. These collections are nothing short of a journey through time, from the Renaissance and Age of Discovery, the Mannerist and Baroque periods, up to the present day. Although many of these cabinets of curiosities no longer exist, others have been meticulously reconstructed, and new ones born.

    These marvelous cabinets of curiosities can now be explored by all in this XXL collection. To realize this mammoth undertaking, Massimo Listri traveled to seven European countries over several decades; the result is a set of gorgeous photographs, an authoritative yet accessible introduction, and detailed commentary on each of the 19 chambers highlighting the most remarkable items in each collection. Discover how these timeless treasures both describe and defined civilization, the modern concept of the museum, and our very knowledge of the universe.

    ISBN: 9783836540353
    Publication date: 10/05/2020
    Price: $340.00
    Author: Carciotto, Giulia
    Format: Hard Back
    Price: $340.00
  • Cat Butt Coloring and Activity Book
    Cat Butt Coloring and Activity Book
    Bold, funny, and in-your-face, Val's self-published Cat Butts: A Colouring Book has amassed an ample, cheeky fan base of cat lovers who have launched her book into the Amazon bestseller ranks like a rainbow shooting from a magical cat butt. This updated and expanded edition includes 45 drawings and 20 activities with more detailed artwork and, of course, more cat butts.

    ISBN: 9781452184548
    Publication date: 01/04/2020
    Price: $19.99
    Author: Brains, Val
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $19.99
  • Central and Eastern European Art Since 1950
    Central and Eastern European Art Since 1950
    In this path-breaking new history, Maja and Reuben Fowkes introduce outstanding artworks and major figures from across central and eastern Europe to reveal the movements, theories and styles that have shaped artistic practice since 1950. They emphasize the particularly rich and varied art scenes of Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Yugoslavia, extending their gaze at intervals to East Germany, Romania, the Baltic states and the rest of the Balkans.

    While politics in the region have been marked by unstable geography and dramatic transitions, artists have forged a path of persistent experiment and innovation. This generously illustrated overview explores the richness of their singular contribution to recent art history. Tracing art-historical changes from the short-lived unison of the socialist realist period to the incredible diversity of art in the post-communist era, the authors examine the repercussions of political events on artistic life - notably the uprisings in Hungary and Czechoslovakia, the Solidarity movement in Poland, and the collapse of the communist bloc. But their primary interest is in the experimental art of the neo-avant-garde that resisted official agendas and engaged with global currents such as performance art, video, multimedia and net art.

    ISBN: 9780500204375
    Publication date: 19/03/2020
    Price: $39.99
    Author: Fowkes, Maja
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $39.99
  • Century of Colour in Design 250 innovative objects and the stories behind them
    Century of Colour in Design 250 innovative objects and the stories behind them
    'One sits more comfortably on a colour that one likes.'-Verner Panton

    The allure of colour is undeniable, but its wholesale use in product design is a relatively recent development.

    Perhaps more than any other object, the Eames Chairs of the 1950s symbolise the cultural intersection of design, technology and colour that continues to influence designers to this day. Suddenly, post WWII, pigment-imbued moulded fibreglass allowed buyers to express their individuality through coloured seating, forever changing the way we think about furniture.

    From the pale blue Anglepoise lamp to Marimekko's hot-red poppy print and the wine-red Bookworm Bookshelf, this book includes classics, future classics and equally exciting new pieces that will be a discovery for readers. Broad in its scope, A Century of Colour in Design delivers a snapshot of 20th-century history through the lens of design, exploring the origins and rationale behind the design and colouration of some of the century's most iconic furniture and objects.

    ISBN: 9781760760533
    Publication date: 29/09/2020
    Price: $45.00
    Author: Harrison, David
    Format: Hard Back
    Price: $45.00
  • Chanel: the Making of a Collection
    Chanel: the Making of a Collection
    A gorgeously illustrated exploration of the history, culture, and design process of the famed fashion house Chanel

    Chanel: The Making of a Collection traces the design process of
    the world-renowned fashion house, revealing how a collection is
    created. Moving from the studio to the fashion show, fashion writer
    Laetitia Ce nac has unprecedented access to explore a world that is
    usually carefully guarded from the public eye. With hundreds of
    beautifully rendered fashion illustrations from acclaimed artist
    Jean-Philippe Delhomme, Karl Lagerfeld's approach to design is brought
    to life, as are the talents of the masterfully skilled artisans-the
    embroiderers, flower makers, shoemakers, hat makers, and more-who
    specialize in everything from buttons and leather to lace, silk, and
    cashmere. Delving into the history and culture of the brand, while also
    detailing contemporary collections, Chanel: The Making of a Collection is a richly visual insider's look at the enduring creative legacy of this haute couture icon.

    ISBN: 9781419740084
    Publication date: 03/09/2019
    Price: $55.00
    Author: Cenac, Laetitia
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $55.00
  • Chill the F*ck Out: a Swear Word Coloring Book
    Chill the F*ck Out: a Swear Word Coloring Book
    Coloring is the perfect way to relax and unwind. Add a bit of subversive and irreverent humor and you have"Chill the F*ck Out"! Beautiful scenes and abstract doodles are combined with irreverent quips like "Shit just got real" that will keep you laughing. Features: -32 original pieces of artwork to color and enjoy-Perforated pages for easy framing-One-side printing so colors don't bleed through

    ISBN: 9781250116406
    Publication date: 14/06/2016
    Price: $16.99
    Author: Caner, Hannah
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $16.99
  • Chromatopia an Illustrated History of Colour
    Chromatopia an Illustrated History of Colour
    Did you know that the Egyptians created the first synthetic colour; or that the noblest purple comes from a predatory sea snail? Throughout history, artists' pigments have been made from deadly metals, poisonous minerals, urine, cow dung, and even crushed insects. From grinding down beetles and burning animal bones to alchemy and serendipity, Chromatopia reveals the origin stories of over 50 of history's most extraordinary pigments.

    Spanning the ancient world to modern leaps in technology, this is a book for the artist, the history buff, the science lover and the design fanatic.

    ISBN: 9781760760618
    Publication date: 01/05/2020
    Price: $39.99
    Author: Coles, David
    Format: Hardback
    Price: $39.99
  • Chronicle of Western Costume: from the Ancient World to the Late Twentieth Century
    Chronicle of Western Costume: from the Ancient World to the Late Twentieth Century
    Here, in more than one thousand full-colour illustrations, is the history of Western costume, from ancient Egypt to Paris fashion. John Peacock's meticulous drawings are organized in chronological sections and accompanied by detailed descriptions of each figure, including the individual items of costume shown and the many types of fabric, cut, pattern and colour that have been used over the centuries. An illustrated glossary gives additional information on technical terms.

    The Chronicle of Western Costume is the unrivalled reference work on its subject. No student or designer in the performing arts, costume and fashion enthusiast, collector or social historian will want to be without it.

    ISBN: 9780500284476
    Publication date: 22/08/2019
    Price: $21.99
    Author: Peacock, John (University Of Southampton)
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $21.99
  • Complete Guide to Woodworking
    Complete Guide to Woodworking
    Ultimate and comprehensive guide to woodworking, for aspiring crafters who don’t know where to start

    Want to get into woodworking but don’t know where to start? Then this is the book for you. Designer-maker-teacher Chris Tribe walks you through the processes step-by-step, answering all your questions along the way. What tools do you need? How do you use them? What wood should you use and where can you get it from? And how do you give it that professional finish?

    You will find out all about setting up a workshop, mastering the essential woodworking techniques and making and finishing some specially designed projects to put your new skills into practice.

    Chris’s detailed instructions will show you how to use hand tools as well as portable power tools. And his troubleshooting’ clinics that appear throughout the book will explain what to do if things don’t turn out as expected and how to get your project back on track.

    ISBN: 9781782215714
    Price: $44.99
    Author: Tribe, C
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $44.99
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