• 30 Second Religion
    30 Second Religion
    Whether you wish to understand the key differences between Catholicism and Protestantism, to glimpse the many gods of Hinduism, or to digest a potted Buddhist philosophy, this book is the quickest way to walk the paths and recognise the key signposts of the worlds diverse and fascinating faiths.
    Travelling from Buddhism to Zoroastrianism, and including features on key religious texts, 30-Second Religion offers a revelation of 50 belief systems in less time than it takes to offer up a prayer.

    ISBN: 9781782405917
    Publication date: 24/04/2018
    Price: $22.99
    Author: Manning, Russell Re
    Format: Hardback
    Price: $22.99
  • Apocryphal Gospels
    Apocryphal Gospels
    A new translation of the oldest non-canonical Christian gospels, including the Gospel of Thomas, the Gospel of Mary and the Gospel of Judas

    In the early years of Christianity, several groups produced 'hidden' or 'apocryphal' gospels, alternative versions of the story of Christ. Sometimes these texts complemented the four canonical gospels, sometimes they subverted them and often they were completely different. We hear the young Jesus making live birds from clay, words of wisdom collected by his disciples, details of his trial, gnostic cosmologies, strange angels and the Harrowing of Hell. Often kept secret by their readers and frequently attacked by their detractors, these gospels shine a fascinating light on the early Christian Church and its surprising manifestations.

    ISBN: 9780241340554
    Publication date: 22/04/2021
    Price: $26.00
    Author: Gathercole, Simon
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $26.00
  • Atheist Muslim
    Atheist Muslim
    In much of the Muslim world, religion is the central foundation upon which family, community, morality, and identity are built. The inextricable embedment of religion in Muslim culture has forced a new generation of non-believing Muslims to face the heavy costs of abandoning their parents' religion: disowned by their families, marginalized from their communities, imprisoned, or even sentenced to death by their governments. Struggling to reconcile the Muslim society he was living in as a scientist and physician and the religion he was being raised in, Ali A. Rizvi eventually loses his faith. Discovering that he is not alone in his beliefs, he moves to North America and promises to use his new freedom of speech to represent the voices that are usually quashed before reaching the mainstream media - the Atheist Muslim. In The Atheist Muslim, we follow Rizvi as he finds himself caught between two narrative voices he cannot relate to: extreme Islam and anti-Muslim bigotry in a post-9/11 world. The Atheist Muslim recounts the journey that allows Rizvi to criticise Islam - as one should be able to criticize any set of ideas - without demonising his entire people.
    Emotionally and intellectually compelling, his personal story outlines the challenges of modern Islam and the factors that could help lead it toward a substantive, progressive reformation.

    ISBN: 9781250094445
    Publication date: 01/12/2016
    Price: $45.99
    Author: Rizvi, Ali A.
    Format: Hardback
    Price: $45.99
  • Bible Stories The Illustrated Guide From the Creation to the Resurrection
    Bible Stories The Illustrated Guide From the Creation to the Resurrection
    Revisit the most important Bible stories with this comprehensive visual guide covering every major covenant, prophecy, miracle, and parable in the Old and New Testaments.

    Richly illustrated, this sumptuous and accessible new version of DK's Illustrated Bible is packed with maps, archaeological sites, historical artefacts, and fact-filled panels to retell and explain stories from the best-selling book of all time. Discover why the Bible has absorbed readers for centuries and understand its position as a historical as well as a religious document. Follow the course of the Old and New Testaments from start to finish, and trace the events and places that have shaped the scriptures. Learn about the key figures -- from Adam and Eve to Abraham and Moses, and John the Baptist to Peter and Paul - and discover significant sites such as Jerusalem and Rome.

    Full of comprehensive timelines detailing key events and biblical quotations and references, this book makes it easier than ever to navigate around the verses, chapters, and books of the Bible. Authenticated by a team of expert biblical scholars and historians, this guide enables you to enjoy and understand the Bible as never before.

    ISBN: 9780241363645
    Publication date: 02/03/2021
    Price: $55.00
    Author: DK
    Format: Hardback
    Price: $55.00
  • Buddhism for Beginners A Guide to Enlightened Living
    Buddhism for Beginners A Guide to Enlightened Living
    For those searching for mindful moments or for a more engaged way of navigating life in the twenty-first century, Buddhism for Beginners opens the door to understanding Buddhism's key concepts and practices. The authors tap into their years of training and study in meditation, martial arts and Eastern philosophy to bring readers a comprehensive introduction to the spiritual tenets and attainments that mark the pathway to enlightenment.
    In this new hardcover edition, the authors explain in clear and simple terms:

    The history of Buddhism
    The key themes and belief systems (the Four Noble Truths, the Eightfold Path, Mahayana, nirvana and more)
    Ways of integrating Buddhist principles and philosophy into the everyday
    The organizing notions and overarching thesis of Buddhism: to live fully aware in the moment, to see things as they truly are, and to recognize yourself as part of the whole
    Buddhism's relevance today

    Buddhism for Beginners is a thorough introduction to meditation and mindful moments by offering simple exercises, practices and prompts reflective and supportive of the Buddhist teachings and tenets laid out in the volume, including filling - and clearing - the mind meditations, performing acts of compassion and inner-peace and conflict-resolution exercises.

    An essential purchase for people looking to integrate Buddhist principles into their lives or for those seeking a more meaningful, mindful or meditative path.

    ISBN: 9780804852616
    Publication date: 22/12/2020
    Price: $21.99
    Author: Simpkins, C. Alexander, PhD
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $21.99
  • Cathedrals of England
    Cathedrals of England
    The companion reissue to The Spirit of London, this classic text from 1934 is still an invaluable aid to understanding England's cathedrals. It aims to give a brief account, and pictorial review, of each cathedral in England. Simply and concisely written to be read by anyone with an interest in the subject. From mighty York minster, Durham and Canterbury through St Albans to Ripon and Southwark, all the cathedrals are covered.

    The full list of cathedrals covered are: Bristol, Canterbury, Carlisle, Chester, Chichester, Durham, Ely, Exeter, Gloucester, Hereford, Lichfield, Lincoln, London, Norwich, Oxford, Peterborough, Ripon, Rochester, St Albans, Salisbury, Southwark, Southwell, Wells, Winchester, Worcester, York. Also the Parish church cathedrals of Birmingham, Blackburn, Bradford, Chelmsford, Coventry (pre-war building), Derby, Leicester, Manchester, Newcastle, Portsmouth, St Edmundsbury, Sheffield and Wakefield.

    Not only does it have the stunning Brian Cook illustration on the cover (Gloucester Cathedral), but several of Brian's line drawings are used inside the book.

    A beautiful book to have on any shelf, this is also a practical guide that still works as a reference guide. It should be stocked in all the cathedral shops across England!

    ISBN: 9781849945462
    Publication date: 11/06/2020
    Price: $22.99
    Author: Batsford, Harry
    Format: Hardback
    Price: $22.99
  • Childrens Bible Stories Share the greatest stories ever told
    Childrens Bible Stories Share the greatest stories ever told
    The Bible is the most widely read book in the western world. Now people of all ages can embrace and understand the key stories and teachings with this beautifully illustrated edition aimed at children aged 9+. More than 130 stories are retold with chapter references, providing a valuable resource for Bible studies. Each one is supported with extra information, such as definitions of terms, life in Biblical times for context, artefacts, maps, and quotations. Short passages at the end of each story explain the meaning and significance of the Bible text, enhancing a child's learning.

    With charming artwork, clear layout, and engaging style, this appealing book is a lovely keepsake for a key event in a child's religious life - one that they will want to read and treasure.

    ISBN: 9780241471173
    Publication date: 02/03/2021
    Price: $48.00
    Author: DK
    Format: Hardback
    Price: $48.00
  • Culture of God
    Culture of God
    A fresh look at how understanding Jesus in his Middle-Eastern context transforms our understanding of God.
    'So much of the reporting of the Middle East at the moment reflects war and human misery; it's inspiring to find, in this thoughtful and engaging book, a message of hope from what Fr Nadim calls "that region of the world that God chose to live in when he took human form"'
    Edward Stourton

    'The ultimate question of this book is, why does it matter to me, a human being, to know the culture of God, and what impact should that have on my own life and existence? The culture of God is the antithesis of the culture of the Pharisees - yet again and again we fall into the trap of condemning or excluding others. Understanding the culture of God helps us to uncover God's image within us, a shining jewel buried deep under the dirt of our selfishness and greed, and helps us to shine as God intends us to, re-forming our relationships with God and with each other in our amazingly diverse world.'

    It is as we read the Bible, argues Father Nadim Nassar, that we are invited to discover what 'the culture of God' - the community of love that makes up the Trinity - looks like, and how it might transform our lives and our faith. But in order to do so we need to understand the culture of the Bible itself, as well as the particular culture that forms our own worldview. Ultimately it is Jesus who has direct access to the culture of God; and so we also need to understand Jesus within his first-century Levantine context.

    Father Nadim Nassar is the Church of England's only Syrian priest and an outspoken advocate for western Christians to recognise the Middle-Eastern roots of their faith. The fresh and provocative reflections in The Culture of God, his first book, are informed by his experience of growing up in Syria and living through the conflicts in the region, especially the civil wars in Lebanon and Syria. Taking us on a journey through the mystery of the incarnation, to Jesus' role as storyteller - Al-Hakawati - his relationship with a disparate cast of people as narrated by the gospels, and finally his death and resurrection, Father Nadim unfolds for us the culture of God and what it can mean for a world that so desperately needs both freedom and a way to embrace diversity.

    'Fr Nadim's personal experience of the painful effects of war and conflict in the Middle East is an insightful lens into the brokenness of humanity that leads to the ongoing violation of the God-given sanctity and dignity of life. At the same time, the paradox of the Crucifixion and Christianity is presented as a key to understanding the restoration of that same humanity, and the possibility of reconciliation with God and one another if the life and teachings of Christ are truly lived.' Archbishop Angaelos, Coptic Orthodox Archbishop of London

    ISBN: 9781473671539
    Price: $37.99
    Author: Nassar, Nadim
    Format: Trade Paperback
    Price: $37.99
  • Dzogchen Heart Essence of the Great Perfection
    Dzogchen Heart Essence of the Great Perfection
    These teachings are on Dzogchen, the heart essence of the ancient Nyingma tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. Exploring this esoteric subject in print for the first time, His Holiness offers the reader insights into one of Buddhism's most profound systems of meditation. He discusses both the philosophic foundations and the practices of this system-taking into account the approaches of various schools and teachers.

    Paying tribute to the uniqueness of Dzogchen, His Holiness sets it within the wider spectrum of Tibetan Buddhism as a whole. He explains the essence of Dzogchen practice and addresses questions such as why Dzogchen is called "the pinnacle of all vehicles," what are its special features, and what are the crucial principles of the other Buddhist paths which a Dzogchen practitioner should know.

    ISBN: 9781611807936
    Publication date: 29/04/2020
    Price: $40.00
    Author: Lama, Dalai
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $40.00
  • East in Light of the West
    East in Light of the West
    `A wonderfully beautiful legend tells us that when Lucifer fell from heaven to earth a precious stone fell from his crown... This precious stone is in a certain respect nothing else than the full power of the "I".'

    Seven years after staging Edward Schure's drama The Children of Lucifer, Rudolf Steiner felt able to talk openly about the complex relationship between the beings of Lucifer and Christ. In an extraordinary series of lectures, Steiner addresses the difficult and often misunderstood subject of Lucifer's role in human development. Speaking within the broader context of ancient and modern - Eastern and Western - spiritual teachings, Steiner clarifies that Lucifer is not the simple caricature of evil that many imagine, but rather plays a pivotal role in human development.

    Whilst Rudolf Steiner held a deep respect for Eastern philosophy, he worked consistently from his personal knowledge of the Western - Christian - esoteric tradition. At a time when many of his colleagues revered ancient Eastern texts, Steiner viewed these same documents as representations of an earlier stage of human consciousness; as evidence of the heights that Eastern wisdom had reached, thousands of years before the development of Western science and culture. But Steiner maintains that the ancient truths need to be understood in the context of contemporary knowledge: that the old wisdom of the East has to be seen in the light of the West.

    Chapters include: Eternity and Time - Comparison of the Wisdom of East and West - The Nature of the Physical and the Astral Worlds - Evolutionary Stages - The Children of Lucifer and the Brothers of Christ - Lucifer and Christ - The Nature of the Luciferic Influence in History - The Bodhisattvas and the Christ.

    ISBN: 9781855845398
    Publication date: 23/10/2017
    Price: $39.99
    Author: Steiner, Rudolf
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $39.99
  • Einstein and the Rabbi
    Einstein and the Rabbi
    "A human being is a part of the whole, called by us 'Universe,' a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separate from the rest-a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. The striving to free oneself from this delusion is the one issue of true religion. Not to nourish it, but to try to overcome it is the way to reach the attainable measure of peace of mind."-Albert Einstein

    When Rabbi Naomi Levy, bestselling author and founder of Nashuva, a renowned Jewish spiritual movement, came across these words by Albert Einstein, she was shaken to her core. This letter, written to a stranger, communicated so much of what Rabbi Levy has come to believe about human beings and our true connection to one another. But to whom was Einstein writing? And what had provoked such a profound spiritual response from such a man of science? Thus began a years-long journey for Rabbi Levy, as she researched the origins and circumstances of Einstein's letter, in the process, gaining a deeper, more profound understanding of what the soul is, how it guides us, and how connection to our true souls can help us to live richer, bigger, more connected lives. The result is a powerful, thoughtful, meditative book that examines all aspects of the soul and offers wisdom and comfort for all readers.

    ISBN: 9781250293923
    Publication date: 11/09/2018
    Price: $27.99
    Author: Levy, Naomi
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $27.99
  • Escaping from Eden - Does Genesis teach that the human race was created by God or engineered by ETs?
    Escaping from Eden - Does Genesis teach that the human race was created by God or engineered by ETs?
    The familiar stories of the book of Genesis affirm that God made the universe, planet earth, and you and me. However, various anomalies in the text clue us that we are not reading the original version of these stories. So what were the original narratives and what did they say about who we are and where we all came from? What was the earlier story of human origins, almost obliterated from the Hebrew Scriptures in the 6th century BC, and suppressed from Christian writing in the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD? And what does any of this have to do with Extra Terrestrials? Escaping from Eden will take you on a journey around the world and into the mythologies of ancient Sumeria, Mesoamerica, India, Africa, and Greece to reveal a profound secret, hidden in plain sight in the text of the Bible. Far reaching and deeply controversial, this book points to truths about ourselves, the universe and everything that you may have long suspected but not dared to speak!

    ISBN: 9781789043877
    Publication date: 24/04/2020
    Price: $32.99
    Author: Wallis, Paul
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $32.99
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