• Cindy Sherman History Portraits

    Cindy Sherman  History Portraits
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    "Cindy Sherman's work is structured into series, the best known of which are History Portraits and Untitled Film Stills (1977-1980), which led to Cindy Sherman's artistic breakthrough. In History Portraits, the artist carries out radical transformations of Old Master paintings. Using make-up, cloth drapes, and prostheses, she photographs herself in the poses in which the Old Masters portrayed women. Christa Schneider presents an art-historical analysis of the History Portraits. Identifying a clear model for every single portrait (e.g. Botticelli and Rubens, Francois Boucher and Jacques-Louis David), she reveals Sherman's extremely precise and enigmatic method of working in which the artistic media employed by Sherman--photography and acting--are surprisingly compatible with painting." "

    ISBN: 9783829606004
    Publication date: 15/02/2012
    Price: $79.99
    Author: Christa, Schneider
    Format: Hard Back
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