• 12 Ways Your Child can Get the Best Out of School

    12 Ways Your Child can Get the Best Out of School
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    A jargon-free guide to your child's education and how you can help them thrive at school 'Full of practical advice on how parents can help their child succeed in school and life' - David Gonski AC
    'There has perhaps never been a more widely respected education minister in our country's history.' Education HQAustralian school students are quickly slipping behind their international peers. It's something that Adrian Piccoli, a former Education Minister and now Director of the UNSW Gonski Institute for Education, is determined to change. And as a parent, he knows that we all have a role to play. To do that, Australian parents need to be better informed about their children's schooling and how they can help.

    In 12 Ways Your Child Can Get the Best Out of School, he sets out clearly what every parent needs to know to ensure their kids have the quality education they deserve. Jargon-free and easy-to-understand, this book will empower parents with knowledge and advice on all the key issues around an Australian education in the 21st century, including:

    How to prepare your child for school
    What to look for in a school
    Your role in your child's education
    How schools work
    Understanding the curriculum, standards and data
    Focusing on progress, not just performance
    How to get the most out of parent-teacher interviews
    Homework - what's it for and how much?
    When to engage a private tutor
    What NAPLAN means and how you can use it
    Managing yours and your child's expectations and stress
    Technology and learning
    Surviving the HSC

    With simple and concise advice, case studies, Dos and Don'ts and much more, this book is for every parent - private or public school - who wants to help their kids flourish and do well, and that's most of us.

    ISBN: 9780733339462
    Publication date: 01/02/2019
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    Author: Adrian Piccoli
    Format: Trade Paperback
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