• Kia Kakano Rua Te Ture a Te Reo Maori Handbook for the Law

    Kia Kakano Rua Te Ture a Te Reo Maori Handbook for the Law
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    There is increasing recognition that the legal profession, as an industry where Maori are negatively overrepresented, needs to have a greater understanding of te reo Maori and tikanga Maori.

    Kia Kakano Rua te Ture: A te reo Maori Handbook for the Law will equip legal practitioners, law students, government departments and the judiciary with the tools they need to take a step towards a more equitable justice system.

    With a practical focus on Maori language and protocol to be used in different professional and Court settings, this book is a necessary foundation to help users not only expand their skill sets but will also work to improve the legal access Maori have by ensuring they have an understanding of te reo Maori and Maori issues.


    - The first practical handbook of te reo Maori specifically for use in the legal profession
    - Authored by proactive advocates for reo Maori
    - Straightforward guidance and explanations for everyday use of the Maori language and understanding of tikanga

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