• Wellbeing Toolkit
    Wellbeing Toolkit
    The Wellbeing Toolkit is an invaluable resource for promoting wellbeing among all school staff, thereby improving staff attendance and retention, and helping all teachers fall back in love with teaching.

    In this thought-provoking book, Andrew Cowley, co-founder of Healthy Toolkit (@HealthyToolkit), draws on his own experiences as a school leader to unpick the myths around wellbeing and set out a practical, authentic and values-driven model that will enable leaders to foster a positive atmosphere for the benefit of the whole-school community. With a focus on developing a culture of positivity, effectively enabling all staff members to take ownership of the wellbeing strategy and supporting and promoting healthy lifestyles, this practical guide also considers scenarios arising from potentially more stressful incidents such as a bereavement.

    Staff wellbeing needs to be a strategic consideration for all primary and secondary school leaders, not something delivered on an ad hoc basis. Emphasis must be placed on really knowing staff, what motivates them and what may affect their confidence. The Wellbeing Toolkit offers effective strategies for addressing staff wellbeing from a whole-school perspective with particular reference to reducing workload, managing stress and supporting teachers in challenging circumstances.

    ISBN: 9781472961655
    Publication date: 16/05/2019
    Price: $42.99
    Author: Cowley, Andrew
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $42.99
  • What Really Works in Special and Inclusive Education Using Evidence-Based Teaching Strategies
    What Really Works in Special and Inclusive Education Using Evidence-Based Teaching Strategies
    This fully revised and updated third edition presents teachers with a range of up-to-date evidence-based strategies they can use to tackle the challenges of inclusive education. An essential resource for the busy educator, each of the twenty-nine strategies explored in this book has a substantial research base drawn from a range of countries, a strong theoretical rationale and clear guidelines on their implementation, as well as cautionary advice where necessary.

    Key features of the third edition include:

    An easy to follow structure divided into four categories: behavioural approaches, social strategies, cognitive strategies and mixed strategies

    Eight new chapters, focusing on topical areas such as neuroscience, social and emotional education, visual learning and communication and the transition from school to post-school environments

    Updated chapters that consider the most diverse and up-to-date research in education, psychology, health and technology

    Whilst the focus of this book is on children with special educational needs, the strategies are universally applicable, making this essential reading for all classroom teachers, school leaders, teacher educators and students, educational psychologists, special needs coordinators and consultants and educational researchers.

    ISBN: 9781138393158
    Publication date: 11/03/2020
    Price: $86.99
    Author: Mitchell, David
    Format: Trade Paperback
    Price: $86.99
  • What Works
    What Works
    From the authors of the Sutton Trust-EEF Teaching and Learning Toolkit comes What Works?, a must-read guide that summarises the research and hard evidence of what works and what doesn't in primary and secondary classrooms, and provides practical strategies for transforming pupils' progress.

    Lee Elliot Major and Steve Higgins look at common teaching approaches, including raising aspirations, improving behaviour, outdoor learning and parental engagement. They present the research and evidence behind each approach and provide practical steps for best practice in the classroom to boost the learning and life outcomes of all pupils. Explored in a concise, accessible manner, the research and evidence is distilled into clear, precise guidance that can be used immediately, ideal for any busy teacher.

    What Works? makes it easy for all primary and secondary teachers to become research-informed practitioners in every aspect of their teaching. From debunking enduring education myths to providing practical next steps and strategies that really make a difference, this is the essential guide to evidence-based teaching and a must-have for every teacher looking to increase their impact in the classroom.

    ISBN: 9781472965639
    Publication date: 03/10/2019
    Price: $34.99
    Author: Major, Lee Elliot and Higgins, Steve
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $34.99
  • What's the Buzz with Teenagers?: A Universal Social and Emotional Literacy Resource
    What's the Buzz with Teenagers?: A Universal Social and Emotional Literacy Resource
    Pre-teens and teenagers are faced with a continually changing and complex social world that not only involves face-to-face action, but also online and social media interaction. What's the Buzz with Teenagers? offers a highly practical programme designed to explicitly teach young people to get along and maintain healthy relationships with their friends, family and the broader community.

    Embracing current thinking on 'self-awareness and behaviour transformation' in adolescents, it uses highly interactive role plays, film-making, thinking exercises, quizzes, group discussions and confidence-building games to improve social skills and promote inclusion in a fun, effective and appealing way. Easy to implement in upper primary and middle schools, in healthcare settings and beyond, What's the Buzz with Teenagers?:

    is a deeply structured resource to teach young people in the 12- to 15-year-old developmental range;

    offers a connecting approach to bring young people together to learn without the pressure of 'getting social interaction right' all the time;

    aims to normalise the anxieties, sensitivities and loneliness that many young people experience during adolescence by sharing thoughts and exploring this common ground;

    explicitly teaches how to 'read' the emotional needs of others, show empathy and build relationships; and

    uses a developmental model that ensures relevance and inclusion to young people with a broad range of backgrounds, abilities and challenges.

    The programme provides lessons that educators and health professionals can adapt to suit their individual circumstances and time frames, and creates a framework for a warm, engaging and interactive space in which learning is optimised.

    The book is complemented by the website www.whatsthebuzz.net.au, which offers online downloadable resources and a further six lessons.

    Also available are What's the Buzz?: A Social Skills Enrichment Programme for Primary Students and What's the Buzz? For Early Learners: A Complete Social Skills Foundation Course.

    ISBN: 9780367149789
    Publication date: 12/03/2019
    Price: $70.99
    Author: Le Messurier, Mark
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $70.99
  • What's the Buzz? for Primary Students: A Social and Emotional Enrichment Programme
    What's the Buzz? for Primary Students: A Social and Emotional Enrichment Programme
    What's the Buzz? is an internationally renowned series of programmes designed to help children and young people develop social and emotional awareness. Now available in a revised second edition, What's the Buzz for Primary Students is a sixteen-lesson programme targeting everyday social challenges faced by primary aged children, such as peer pressure and bullying style behaviours; competition and handling disappointment; feelings and wellbeing and self-awareness. Each lesson is designed around the SAFE criteria (Sequenced; Active; Focused; Explicit) and includes:

    A new and beautifully illustrated 'Archie' story, in which the popular character faces a new and relatable social challenge

    A series of lively and exciting games and activity suggestions

    Role-plays and discussion points so that children can put their skills into practice in a supportive environment

    Having already proven to appeal to teachers and support staff, counsellors and psychologists worldwide, this resource is suitable for anybody looking to enrich the social lives of children. Resources and training modules to support this book can be found on the website www.whatsthebuzz.net.au.

    ISBN: 9781138080317
    Publication date: 19/08/2019
    Price: $70.99
    Author: Le Messurier, Mark (Education consultant, Australi
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $70.99
  • Woman Who Changed Her Brain
    Woman Who Changed Her Brain
    A worldwide bestseller, this is the incredible story of a woman who struggled with severe learning disabilities, built herself a better brain, and started a program that has helped thousands of others do the same.


    Barbara Arrowsmith-Young was born with severe learning disabilities that caused teachers to label her slow, stubborn - or worse. As a child, she read and wrote everything backward, struggled to process concepts in language, continually got lost, and was physically uncoordinated. She could make no sense of an analogue clock. But by relying on her formidable memory and iron will, she made her way to graduate school, where she chanced upon research that inspired her to invent cognitive exercises to fix her own brain.

    The Woman Who Changed Her Brain interweaves her personal tale with riveting case histories from her more than thirty years of working with both children and adults. Recent discoveries in neuroscience have conclusively demonstrated that, by engaging in certain mental tasks or activities, we actually change the structure of our brains - from the cells themselves to the connections between cells. The capability of nerve cells to change is known as neuroplasticity, and Arrowsmith-Young has been putting it into practice for decades.

    With great inventiveness, after combining two lines of research, Barbara developed unusual cognitive calisthenics that radically increased the functioning of her weakened brain areas to normal and, in some areas, even above normal levels. She drew on her intellectual strengths to determine what types of drills were required to target the specific nature of her learning problems, and she managed to conquer her cognitive deficits.

    ISBN: 9781460757406
    Publication date: 30/12/2019
    Edition: NE
    Price: $26.99
    Author: Arrowsmith-Young, Barbara
    Format: Trade Paperback
    Price: $26.99
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