• Eat Better Forever: 7 Ways to Transform Your Diet
    Eat Better Forever: 7 Ways to Transform Your Diet
    In Eat Better Forever, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall gives you all the tools to improve your eating habits, and therefore your life - permanently. And to help it all happen, he's added his 100 healthiest recipes yet.

    In this ground-breaking book, instead of promising a gimmicky single-fix solution to the challenge of healthy eating, Hugh extracts the knowledge, advice and healthy habits, from cutting edge research into the obesity crisis, to produce 7 simple strategies that will transform your diet and your health. Starting with the blissfully simple message that we all need to Go Whole, he leads us away from the industrial junk and processed foods that are doing so many of us so much harm and returns us to the real foods that nurture us and keep us well.

    Everything that follows is clear, believable and achievable. From sorting the good carbs from the bad, learning not to fear fat, and looking after our gut, to renegotiating the foods we call 'drinks' and being mindful of when to eat...and when to take a pause... Hugh guides us to a better way of eating that will last us our whole lives.

    It's all offered up with reassuring tips and switches that help us act on the vital knowledge he imparts. And the 100 recipes that come with it, and their endless variations, make for a lifetime of healthy eating.

    ISBN: 9781526602800
    Publication date: 31/12/2020
    Price: $47.99
    Author: Fearnley-Whittingstall, Hugh
    Format: Hardback
    Price: $47.99
  • Eat Better the Easy Way
    Eat Better the Easy Way
    Eating healthily can be a confusing business. But what if there were a single, simple change you could make that would transform your health, without forcing you to give up the foods you love?

    According to a growing body of international studies, little tweaks to your everyday diet to get you beyond the 5-a-day minimum portions of fruit and veg could slash your risk of developing the biggest diseases to affect the Western world. In fact, experts agree that simply eating more fruit and veg is the single most important dietary change you can do for your health!

    As only 3 out of 10 people are even achieving the minimum amount of fruit and veg, this book aims to make getting there easy. No gimmicks, no 'banned' foods, no miserly portion sizes. Just 80 of the classic recipes you know and love made healthier (and tastier) by simply upping the amount of fruit and veg in them, all backed by the best science available.

    ISBN: 9781784727567
    Publication date: 30/03/2021
    Price: $39.99
    Author: Wong, James
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $39.99
  • Eat More Veg
    Eat More Veg
    The essential recipe book for people looking for easy ways to include more veg in their diet, Eat More Veg elevates humble vegetables into hearty mains and satisfying side dishes.

    Annie Rigg, a Leiths-trained chef and well-established food writer with over 20 years of experience, turns her hand to crafting 80 irresistible vegetarian and vegan dishes in her latest offering Eat More Veg.

    This is a cookbook for people who want to make vegetables a bigger part of their diet to benefit their health and the environment without having to compromise on taste. Annie Rigg's vibrant and healthy dishes offer just that. Her recipes are not about what's missing - they are about maximising the impact and flavour of plant-based ingredients in ways that are fresh and enticing.

    Divided into six chapters this book covers quick suppers, mains, special feasts, soups and starters, salads, and sides. Dive in to discover 80 delicious dishes that make the most of seasonal produce, often using vegetables grown in National Trust gardens. From puttanesca cherry tomatoes to Indian spiced Romanesco, courgette, pea and basil risotto to spinach, lentil and chickpea kofta, Annie Rigg makes use of diverse seasonal veg in imaginative, appetising ways. Eat More Veg is a glorious collection of comforting and exciting dishes guaranteed to satisfy even the most devoted carnivore.

    ISBN: 9781911358879
    Publication date: 23/03/2020
    Price: $35.00
    Author: Rigg, Annie
    Format: Hardback
    Price: $35.00
  • Eat More Vegan
    Eat More Vegan
    Luke Hines is well known for his creative and healthy paleo takes on everyday favourites. This new book is filled with delicious recipes - all completely plant-based and gluten and grain free. Regardless of your food philosophy, we can all agree that we need to eat more plants and in Eat More Vegan Luke shares nutritious recipes that are packed with flavour and full of vibrant colour. This book is a celebration of amazing, generous and abundant vegan food - real food, there's not a packet ingredient in sight!

    There are flavourful and hearty breakfasts, such as herby carrot fritters with dream cheese, whole roasted hemp-crusted mushrooms and zucchini carpaccio with fresh lemon and olives. Salads, soups and sautes for any time of the day, such as amazing avocado salad with macadamia pesto, pumpkin soup with macadamia cream & crispy pumpkin skin shards, and spicy peanut stew. More substantial roasts, bakes and barbecues, such as loaded hasselback sweet potatoes, sticky eggplant, spaghetti with sunflower bolognese and a hemp burger with the lot. And sweets to finish off, such as the ultimate chocolate mousse with roasted hazelnut crumb, blueberry bounty bars, and crunchy hazelnut butter bites.

    ISBN: 9781760785789
    Publication date: 29/10/2019
    Price: $39.99
    Author: Hines, Luke
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $39.99
  • Eat Run Enjoy: Recipes for Running Performance and Pleasure
    Eat Run Enjoy: Recipes for Running Performance and Pleasure
    A book about two passions: trail running and delicious food.

    'One of the 20 Best Food Books of the Year' - The Observer

    'If you love to run and you love to eat, this is a book for you!' - Dean Karnazes

    'This book inspires me inside and out, I want to run, leap, cook and eat. An all-round appetite a rouser.' - Fergus Henderson

    'You don't need to be like Billy and run 100-mile trails to appreciate this cookbook.' - Allan Jenkins

    Eat, Run, Enjoy is a recipe book designed for runners of all levels. It features 80 mouth-watering recipes, including breakfasts, salads, main meals, snacks, drinks and desserts, many of which are vegetarian or vegan, and all designed with busy runners in mind. These easy-to-make and nutritionally balanced meals will help runners reach their performance goals in an enjoyable way. It's delicious food that not only tastes great but will also keep you going through long days on the trails and in the mountains.

    Includes insightful interviews with some of the world's best trail and mountain runners, who offer their nutritional advice and tips on how to become a better runner. With beautiful food photography and stunning images of some of the world's most majestic trails, this book will inspire you both to get cooking some wholesome and tasty food in the kitchen, then to lace up your trainers and head outside to enjoy the run.

    The book features interviews with ultra-running legends Emelie Forsberg, Ida Nilsson, Mimmi Kotka, Ricky Lightfoot, Courtney Dauwalter and Zach Miller.

    ISBN: 9781472986061
    Publication date: 15/04/2021
    Price: $46.99
    Author: White, Billy
    Format: Hardback
    Price: $46.99
  • Eat the Little Book of Fast Food
    Eat the Little Book of Fast Food
    The much-loved author of The Kitchen Diaries and presenter of BBC1's Simple Suppers is here to help you cook real food fast, with over 150 recipes for delicious everyday dishes. Inspired by his own supper-time improvisations, Nigel Slater shows you how to make tasty and quick meals with the ingredients you have to hand. Full of inventive food ideas for those pressed for time, and with recipe variations and alternatives to suit any cupboard, Eat: The Little Book of Fast Food will be a feast of everyday inspiration.

    ISBN: 9780007526154
    Publication date: 12/09/2013
    Price: $49.99
    Author: Slater, Nigel
    Format: Hardback
    Price: $49.99
  • Eat Well for Less NZ
    Eat Well for Less NZ
    Cheap and cheerful recipes full of flavour, from series 1 and series 2 of New Zealand's hit series Eat Well for Less NZ.

    The New Zealand version of Eat Well for Less was a big hit and had a huge impact on the families involved. This book gives all the recipes from series 1 and series 2, plus tips and tricks on tasty, easy and economical cooking from the hosts Michael Van de Elzen and Ganesh Raj.

    With nearly 70 recipes from light meals and snacks, to main meals and sweet treats - from chicken sliders to lamb moussaka or beef noodle salad to mixed berry frozen yoghurt with choc-almond topping.

    Includes ideas on smart shopping, nutrition, kitchen tips, and a peek at the participants from series 1 and how they fared after the cameras stopped rolling. Did the lessons they learned stick?!

    ISBN: 9780143776031
    Publication date: 02/07/2021
    Price: $35.00
    Author: Elzen, Michael Van de
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $35.00
  • Edmonds Beginner's Cookbook
    Edmonds Beginner's Cookbook
    Cooking is not difficult! At least not with the Edmonds Beginner's Cookbook. Impress your friends and family with these easy-to-make dishes. All recipes have illustrated step-by-step instructions as well as colour photographs of the finished product, you can't go wrong. Enjoy this fast and fun collection of recipes and use the stickers in the back to mark your favourites. You can be sure that the recipes will work and that you'll enjoy cooking them. And hopefully the kitchen will stay in one piece! A must for all young or beginner cooks.

    ISBN: 9781869710750
    Publication date: 01/09/2006
    Price: $24.99
    Author: Goodman Fielder
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $24.99
  • Edmonds Cookery Book
    Edmonds Cookery Book
    New Zealand's favourite and bestselling cookbook has been fully revised! The Edmonds Cookery Book has been an essential ingredient in New Zealand kitchens for over 100 years. Full of everyday recipes that are sure to be a success from Afghans to bacon and egg pie, now the New Zealand icon is completely up to date and better than ever. It's not a Kiwi Kitchen without Edmonds.

    ISBN: 9781869713423
    Publication date: 27/09/2016
    Edition: RE
    Price: $34.99
    Author: Goodman Fielder
    Format: Spiral Bound
    Price: $34.99
  • Edmonds Food for Flatters
    Edmonds Food for Flatters
    Over 200 recipes for small budgets, small spaces and big ideas! You have just moved into your new flat. The budget is tight, and neither you nor your flatmates have done much cooking before! This cookbook will help you decide what basic utensils to buy and what to keep in the pantry, and how to cook!

    ISBN: 9781869588649
    Publication date: 09/08/2001
    Price: $26.99
    Author: Cameron, Sally
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $26.99
  • Egg and Spoon An Illustrated Cookbook 2020
    Egg and Spoon An Illustrated Cookbook 2020
    A beautiful illustrated cookbook for children--and their families--that celebrates imagination and pleasure in cooking

    A fun and modern cookbook for families packed with recipes for meals, snacks, treats, and a whole lot of humour.

    Alexandra Tylee's lively inner ten-year-old knows exactly what food appeals to children and how to talk to kids about food. She trusts them to choose flavours and handle equipment in this joyful book that will set them on a lifetime love of healthy cooking and eating.

    Giselle Clarkson's illustrations are salivatingly delicious and subversively playful.

    ISBN: 9781776572984
    Publication date: 07/10/2020
    Price: $39.99
    Author: Tylee, Alexandra
    Format: Hardback
    Price: $39.99
  • Egg of the Universe From the community kitchen cafe and yoga studio
    Egg of the Universe From the community kitchen cafe and yoga studio
    Perfect for fans of Cornersmith, Ferment and Community by Hetty McKinnon.

    A joyful celebration of seasonal eating and wellbeing from the popular cafe and yoga studio, Egg Of The Universe.

    Embracing our philosophy of better living through nutritious wholefoods and mindful movement, here are over 100 of the most popular recipes from our cafe for you to recreate at home.

    There's something here for everyone: light and energising breakfasts, salads bursting with colour and crunch, restorative broths and wholesome slow-cooked braises and curries, plus the pickles, ferments, tonics, homemade breads and healthy sweet treats for which the cafe is renowned - all nutritionally balanced to keep your gut and your tastebuds happy.

    As well as advice on sustainable preparation techniques and wholefood ingredients, we've included a seasonal program of yoga, meditation and wellness practices to help you connect with the world around you and get the best out of each and every day.

    ISBN: 9781760524241
    Publication date: 31/08/2021
    Price: $52.99
    Author: Lancaster, Harry
    Format: Hardback
    Price: $52.99
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